Epic Haul – Bonus Day Treats

Beauty Haul

Unlike every other month where I have to be sensible, not buy things I really want and do incredibly adulty things like pay for MOT’s and the gas bill, in March I could splash some cash as it was bonus day! And oh my, did it feel amazing, this was the first time in my life that I had all of my bonus to spend on me and me alone without feeling obligated to pay for anything else for anyone else. Wohoooo!

It was quite easy for me to spend as there are so many things I have wanted for so long but haven’t been able to justify.  So here is my haul of all of the things that I have wanted now for ages.

Beauty Haul

Hair Goodies

I decided to get some better hair basics than I usually buy, I picked up the Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfur Free (250ml) and Fondant Fluidealiste (200ml) from Feelunique and then decided I needed to get the Tangle Angel hairbrush in Rose Gold as my Tangle Teezer has seen better days, the bristles have bent and it doesn’t seem to do the job as well as it used to. It also helps that the Tangle Angel looks like a barbie hairbrush for adults and can be used with heat (the tangle teezer cannot).

I am loving the tangle angel and it is much better than a tangle teezer in my opinion, it doesn’t fly
out of my hand and I really think it brushes my hair well and gets it smooth and silky with no static. I think I will do a separate blog post just reviewing it.

I also got given a new bottle of my favourite serum/oil from Show Beauty which is the best available in my opinion, It’s
called the Show Beauty Pure Treatment Oil – it always leaves your hair smooth as silk and looks beautiful on your dressing table. Lastly I treated myself to a professional blow dry at Rush before a night out which made me feel very fancy!


Beauty Haul




I went to stock up on skincare.  I get plenty of great products sent to me free to review, once they have run out I would love to buy them monthly but they are just out of my budget.

This month I needed a new cleanser so I purchased the Alpha H Age Delay Cleansing oil. It’s not an oil really unless your house is very hot it comes out of the tube as a balm. I like that it’s in a tube, as much as I adore the Emma Hardie Moringa
Cleansing Balm and the Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Cleanser, having to put your hand in a big tub is quite gross.

As with all cleansing balms I have been applying to a dry face, massaging in and then removing with a flannel and hot water.  It’s going well so far but I haven’t used it for long enough to do a proper review although I must say I’m really liking it so far, it’s  very soothing to use on my poor dry nose which has been very cracked as I have had the office lurgy that’s going around and the best bit is it’s only £25!


Some additional skincare products I have got this month to try with the Alpha H Cleansing Oil are from the brand Teoxane, these include the Teoxane RHA Eyes Advanced Contour Serum, Teoxane Radiant Night Peel 15% and the Teoxane Perfect
Skin Refiner. I’ve been having great results in the texture of my skin so far, we shall see how the old fine lines go!  I am starting to think the eye serum is a bit strong for me so I have been using it every other day as I do have sensitive skin.  The products have great reviews online especially amazon so I am excited to see so good results to report back.

I got some new products from a brand I have never tried before called Nugg Beauty.   I am really impressed especially with the product in the gold pot above, it’s a lip mask! I’ve never heard of one or used one before and my lips get so ridiculously dry it seemed amazing.  And actually is an amazing product.  You apply when you’ve got a face mask on or just chilling at home. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wipe off any excess. It is a miracle worker and £9.50! You can get it from Selfridges here Nugg beauty lip mask .   It does apply a bit lumpy so don’t worry about that.  I think because it contains coconut oil when it heats up on your skin it just sinks in.

Face Masks

I also got some face masks.   I have been using the anti ageing one overnight.  You wake up with the most beautifully plump soft skin, love it! I am going to try the hydrating one out over the weekend. New Korres bits are always a must and I love a face oil so the new Black Pine Active Firming Sleep Oil and Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Face Oil are my new additions to my Korres collection. I’m loving that you can get Korres from Marks and Spencer!  The Wild Rose oil is ultra concentrated with vitamin c and the Black Pine oil is supposed to be for firming so I will be slapping that on my neck!

The last beauty product in my haul is the Hylamide HA Blur.  I love Hylamide so I am always excited about a new launch.  HA Blur is perfect to be used as a foundation primer.  But you get even better results when you mix it with your  foundation or apply it over the top!  It blurs the skin and make it look like you have the perfect finish and mixing it with your foundation makes application smooth and even. I really need to do a separate review about this product too as I am in love with it! Best primer/blurring product I have tried and, at 31 I am needing a bit of blurring!

Beauty Haul


Lastly, Botox. I tend to alternate between Askinology and Sk:n clinics for my botox.  It depends on which place which place has a good offer on.  I know both places and doctors are great at what they do.   I had my frown lines done this time, I tend to alternate each area to save money. I would have everything done all the time if I made mega bucks.  This way works for me to at least delay ageing. I recommend both clinics as they have good doctors performing the treatments, I don’t trust anyone else to do it.



I paid for my Thailand flights and  I will be travelling to to Cambodia and Thailand for a few weeks. Second holiday booked was my trip to Paris for a few days in August. I can’t wait to go back there and make some new memories.  Hopefully this time I will get to enjoy myself.  So far  I have 4 countries to go to with trips already planned, including Rome in September.

Have you bought any amazing products or booked a holiday recently?