Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge

Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge

To celebrate World Fragrance Day on Monday, Dove teamed up with renowned fragrance house Givaudan to uncover the
psychology behind the Dove Soft Feel scent.  As you may have seen in my previous blog post the bespoke Dove Soft Feel scent is a warm powder fragrance blending fresh feminine florals with creamy musk and ambery notes and was developed by Givaudan for Dove with the aim of bringing a sense of luxury, comfort and cleanliness to the Soft Feel deodorant.

I was really excited to be included in this challenge.  While I am never usually competitive the last time I was at a beauty event they had a competition.  You were entered into if you guessed correctly a list of scents.  While I didn’t win the holiday, I did at least get all of the scents correct so I was very impressed with myself! I think this may be because studies in to fragrance and emotions reveal that women have a strong emotional relationship when it comes to scent and this is very true for me, if I ever smell my mum’s perfume on anyone else it instantly makes me think of her.


Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge

Our relationship with scent evolves over different chapters of our lives such as childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  In childhood scents we experience provide a  fundamental link to the ‘mother’. Dove has reflected this feeling in the powdery scent used in the antiperspirant which evokes cleanliness, comfort and femininity.  In adolescence scents are often associated with makeup and peer group-belongings, I know I can definitely remember horrible PE classes at school if ever I get a whiff of cheap blueberry body spray!

Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge

Dove’s Challenge

Was to identify (whilst blindfolded), the notes that make up the Dove Soft Feel fragrance.  I duly cracked on with whilst at work during lunchtime.    I figured nobody would mind the office smelling a bit more fab than usual!

Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge

Most  that I tried reminded me of times in my past immediately.  Sandalwood reminds me of when I was a teenager.   Burning incense sticks  and the film The Craft.   I thought I was so cool but I did have a nostalgic cringe remembering that.  Who knows how my poor mum put up with me then!

The next scent was vanilla.  This makes me  think of going to the body shop at weekends and sniffing all of their perfumes. That I couldn’t afford.  Their vanilla perfume used to smell exactly like vanilla essence.   The final scent I guessed correctly was the soft feel fragrance itself, to be fair I use the deodorant every day so it was pretty inevitable!

The scent I couldn’t identify was ylang, I finally managed to work out that the scent reminded me of the Cacharel scent
Anais Anais which, after giving up and googling it and taking off the pink label dove had used to hide the name, I realised that ylang is one of the notes in that perfume, I was so close but yet so far!

Dove Soft Feel Scent Psychology Challenge


I thought the challenge was great  fun. It showed how scents have a powerful impact on the memory region of the brain. I love the that fragrances can hold on memories.   I think I will pay more attention to different scents and how they make me feel in future.  I am interested in the science behind this connection. I found that the connections are caused by the olfactory bulb.  A part of the emotional center of the brain called the limbic system.  Linked to the Malayalam which plays a role in emotional memories.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I love Dove deodorant, especially the soft feel scent. I use it every day and it’s so delicate.  Like powder on my underarm but doesn’t leave my skin dry, thanks to its 1/4 moisturising cream. I really recommend this to everyone if you haven’t tried it already.

Dove Soft Feel is available in supermarkets and chemists and the RRP for 125ml Dove Soft Feel Compressed antiperspirant
is £3.79, 75ml is £2.99 and the 50ml roll-on is £2.39.

Do you have any particular scents that remind you of a certain person or time in your life?

*This post is sponsored by Dove, however all opinions  are honest and my own as always.