Over Thirty Skincare – Teoxane Skincare Review

Teoxane skincare review

For the last month I’ve been trying out some skincare products from the brand Teoxane so here is my Teoxane Skincare Review.

Teoxane Radiant Night Peel 15% AHA (Glycolic Acid)

This peel is for the treatment of  wrinkles, fine lines, complexion irregularities and imperfections. It has been specially designed for use in a medical peelin which I believe means after you’ve had a chemical peel at a clinic, but can be used alone.

It is perfect if you’re can’t afford a peel, but are 30+ and are unimpressed by your skin’s ageing.  Due to its high glycolic acid concentration, the peel accelerates the cell renewal process.  It also smooths and renders skin texture to be more uniform whilst alleviating any pigmentation imperfections.

You apply a thin layer to cleansed skin at night.  Avoid the eye and lip areas and used every night for 21 nights.  This also contains hyaluronic acid as well as glycolic acid. Use a cooling and hydrating moisturiser each morning when you use this in the evening.  AHA products generally cause peeling or flaking due to the resurfacing of the skin. So be aware of that, don’t use this product a week before a big event.  This works really well and I think this is the best product from the range to buy if you can only afford one.

Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner

The Teoxane perfect skin refiner is to be used in place of a moisturiser after you have cleansed your skin at night.
You apply 2 or 3 pumps of the product all over your face avoiding the contours of your eyes and lips.  After 21 days of  using the Radiant Night Peel I switched to using this.

I researched the ingredient called RHA which Teoxane mention this product contains a high concentration of, since I had no idea what it was. RHA stands for resilient hyaluronic acid. Resiliant Hyaluronic Acid in a topical serum, developed in Switzerland for dermal fillers and is now incorporated in this impressive range of products from Teoxane.  The RHA is formulated to provide a hydrating layer on the surface of the skin to moisturise and tighten the skin.  Well I am no doctor but here is a link to their clinical data so you can take a look yourself.

Teoxane R[II] Eyes

I rarely use eye creams or gels as they tend to make my under-eye puffy and look worse than if I didn’t use them,
which is a shame as I do worry about fine lines in this area. The Teosyal Teoxane R[II] Eyes also contains Resilient Hyaluronic Acid with that gives the skin around the eyes hydration and dark circle lightening action and gives the face a renewed fresh, youthful appearance. Use this morning and evening.  The Teoxane R[II] Eyes has an immediate effect of decreasing puffiness and calming the skin however it is quite a strong formulation and I have extremely sensitive eyes so I only use it a few times a week to try and negate my eyes stinging.

I really enjoy the decrease in puffiness.  I have not yet noticed   dark circles lightening  probably because I can’t use it every day.  I love the metal applicator as it feels so cold and soothing as you apply the product after a long day starting at the computer.  Tap this gently against your under-eye area whilst applying  to drain any fluid and de-puff the area.

Overall Range Review

Personally I love the range.  To start with the packaging is minimalist, functional, classy and all have great pump dispensers. All of the products smell lovely, but not perfumed and have all fitted nicely into my existed skincare regime. With all of the products the skin feels instantly smooth.  Over time, using all of the products I think my completion looks a lot better.

The products are expensive but they are last well having been used daily for a month.  There is plenty of each product left so it seems like it would be very good value for money. If you only plan to get one I would suggest the Radiant Night peel for the most noticeable results.

You can purchase Teoxane Products here: www.teoxane-beauty.co.uk

Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner  – £70

Teoxane R[II] Eyes  – £54

Teoxane Radiant Night Peel 15% AHA (Glycolic Acid)

Do you find glycolic and hyaluronic acid help the texture of your skin?