Nugg Beauty Face and Lip Mask Review

I wanted to tell you about so products I have recently tried from the brand Nugg beauty which is available from Selfridges in the UK as I have been really impressed.  The brand sells different types of beauty masks and I really
like their innovative concepts.

Lip Mask

The best product I have tried is the Lip  Mask.  It’s a highly nourishing mask containing shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate and licorice root to give a plumped effect. The products are 100% natural and vegan without petrochemicals so it’s so much better for you than using Vaseline. It has a natural minty flavour and does exactly what it claims to make rough sore chapped lips silky and smooth.

You can either slap on a thick layer before bed or leave it on for 20 minutes and tissue off any excess. The gold packaging is very luxe and while the pot is small, I have used this many times and barely made a dent in the product.  This mask is unlike any lip treatment I’ve used.  The creamy formula is designed to hydrate and plump the lips rather than just plum OR hydrate. If you like something for the lips that isn’t sticky or shiny, and want to get your lips looking good then grab one of these.

Individual Face Masks

The other products I tried from Nugg are the individual face mask portions.  They come in small round pots which are really easy to use.  I don’t like face mask sachets as they are so hard to seal once you’ve used half the product.   While I do love a cloth mask I do get in a right mess unfolding them and trying to get them on my face.  The  face mask pots from Nugg are so easy to open and have enough for 2 uses, you can just cover with the lid or a bit of cling film and put in the fridge until you’re ready to use again.

The first  I tried was the Nugg Anti-Ageing Face Mask.  This contains Vitamin B3, wheat germ oil, white tea extract, glycerin and aloe juice to hydrate.  They also improve the appearance of fine lines giving a smoothing effect to the skin with a boost of anti-oxidants.  The second was the Hydrating Face Mask.  This has a blend of camellia seed oil, spirulina extract, olive oil, grape oil, linseed oil, glycerin and aloe juice to soften the skin and help it retain moisture.

If you have really dry or dehydrated skin I recommend either of these.  I’ve used them as a mask for 30 minutes and as an overnight treatment.  Both give you a really soft silky smooth skin with the plumping effect which always helps when applying makeup.  Obviously the plumping  is only temporary due to the moisture in the product.  But every little helps!

These are great once a week for maintenance.  They are also brilliant before a special event or on a plane when you want moisture ASAP.

Lip Mask £9.50   Face Masks £16.50 for a pack of five