Slendertone Bottom Toner Review

Slendertone Bottom Toner Review

Slendertone Bottom Review

Slendertone Bottom Review

Slendertone Bottom Review

Slendertone Bottom Toner Review 

I enjoy going to the gym, but if I can get in shape the cheat’s way then I’m not going to say no.  There are a host of toning and slimming gadgets on the market and this month I have been testing out the Slendertone Bottom Toner.

How…and er…what???

Embedded in a stretchy pair of cycling style shorts are four sticky gel pads.  When put on, two pads rest on the lower bottom and two on the upper bottom, very cheeky!   Slendertone uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which activates the body’s natural muscle movements and ensures all muscles simultaneously contract and then relax, conducted via the pads.  This is similar to the regular muscle contraction experienced during normal exercise.

Squats? I thought you said shots!!

By stimulating these bum muscles, through the pads, it basically tricks your bum into thinking it’s doing squats!  In fact, Slendertone report that a 30 minute session with Slendertone is as effective as doing 60 bottom toning leg lifts!

How long does it take?

You should get a firmer and more uplifted bottom from just 4 weeks after using which will mean your shorts fit better this summer.  You need to use the shorts 5 times a week and work up to 30 minutes a time.  You could even relax with a glass of wine while you use them. But jokes aside Slendertone products do need to be used as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

What happens? 

The shorts are fairly easy to put on and once you’ve shimmied into them and secured the pads you’re good to go.  The feeling of the pads working takes a bit of getting used to for the first few goes.  The best way I  can describe is a rippling, slightly prickly sensation as the electrical pulses do their thing.  The trick is to start gently and work your way up to half an hour.

It’s incredibly easy to use this product and quite addictive.  There are 4 programmes and the intensity ranges from 1-99. I have so far made it to level 80.  A 30 minute session with Slendertone is as effective as doing 60 bottom toning leg lifts, proven by experts to be the best exercise to tone, tighten and reshape your bottom.

My results

In the space of 3 weeks I have seen a visible change in the lift and shape of my bum. I do go to the gym, and do squats and lunges but I have never seen the results I had hoped for, despite using weights when doing both!

The shorts have made such a difference in just 4 weeks.  I honestly couldn’t be more pleased!!  It’s an investment to purchase as this costs £140 but it’s been worth the price to me.   The only downside to this product is that it is one size so not suitable for all.  It fits the following sizes:  6-12 (Waist: 24″-32″ / 61-81cm; Hips: 32″-38″ / 81-97cm).

Things to note

The Slendertone Bottom Toner costs £140.00 and can be purchased at high street shops such as Boots and Amazon, or purchased here Slendertone Bottom  to find out more information you can read the manual on Slendertone Bottom Manual.