10 Ebay Picks – Blog Photo Props

10 Ebay Picks - Blog Photo Props


10 Ebay Picks – Blog Photo Props

To style a blog photo,  props can be just as important as the main item you want to show off.  Buying lots of props can get expensive especially when you are also buying products to review. Below are the top eBay items you can use as props for your blog photography, without spending an arm and a leg.

10 Ebay Picks - Blog Photo Props

1.  Marble Contact Paper  £6.99   Link Here 

Marble contact paper is a good staple to have for photo backgrounds. I suggest covering the top of a small table or piece of wood with the laminate paper, or even the base of a plain tray.  That way it’s a little different as a background and jazzes up your home at the same time.  There’s also the added benefit of not having to fight with a roll of laminate every time you want to take photos!

2.  Artificial Flowers  £1.69/£2.39   Link Here and Here

Not everyone has the time or money to purchase fresh flowers every time they want to take some pretty photos. They are a quick way to add some colour and elegance to your pics.  But you can buy a selection of different artificial flowers and mix and match them to your needs without them dying!

3.  Clear Acrylic Tray £9.95  Link Here 

I’ve wanted an acrylic tray for ages, but when I look in Zara and West Elm they always seem too expensive (for a clear plastic tray anyway).  Thanks to good old eBay I found this fab tray for just £9.95.  Forget how it looks in the eBay photo, this will look just as good as the Zara ones for your flat lays and on your vanity.

4.  Succulents £8.95   Link Here

Succulents are lovely but I basically kill all plants in my house.  So I found these artifical ones! They definitely look real to me.  They come in good quality glass pots with stones for a bit of texture and interest.  There are quite a few different types to choose from, the spiky one in particular would look great in a flat lay.

5.  White Pineapple Ornament £12.99    Link Here

I’m still obsessed with pineapples, I don’t know about you?  When you’re not using it as a photo prop it could be used to jazz up a boring shelf or table top and bring a bit of interest.  This is so much cheaper than ones I have seen recently on the high street, one was £40!

6.  Cinematic Light Box £7.99  Link Here

This is so versatile as a blog photo prop!  You can try  adding the title of your post, a hash tag, your name or an inspirational quote.  You can use it IRL for parties to impress your mates.  The funniest use I can think of is to stick a note on it for your flatmate to buy milk, they could never pretend they’d not seen it!

7.   Artificial Moss £15.45    Link Here

Sometimes you just need a bit of a different background.  If you’re talking about outdoorsy type products a background of moss can look perfect, especially if you don’t have a garden to use for photos. Artificial moss looks more natural than artificial grass and means you don’t have to lug all your products outside. It would be great with some fake snow on for Christmas posts as well.

8.  White Faux Fur Rug £8.99   Link Here

Faux fur is great to add texture to your blog photos and would be great if talking about blog topics such as how to have a cozy night in or ‘at home’ posts. Its Little Lauren’s Instagram pic here is a good example of how to use faux fur in photos.

9.   Copper Mug £8.50  Link Here

Copper mugs are traditionally used for the cocktail Moscow Mule.  But these would look great for any cocktail or mocktail blog posts you might be posting this summer.  Best of all they are around £30 on the high street, and just £8.50 from ebay and come in a few different designs.

10. Mini Copper Tea Light Holder 99p  Link Here

This small copper tea light holder is really cute, geometric and brings a bit of interest to a photo. You don’t even have to use it with an actual tea light. It’s not so big it will get in the way of the products you are shooting and ties in with a lot of beauty products that are rose gold or copper these days.

I hope this helped! If you’re a blogger or photographer, I’d love for you to share your favourite blog photography tips for different props.