Ebay Picks – Makeup Storage

Ebay Picks - Makeup Storage

Maybe you’re a beauty blogger or beauty enthusiast with way too much makeup.  Perhaps you’re someone with a more modest collection. But I think a lot of us can agree that we would like to display our makeup in an easy to use and yes, pretty way!

Some makeup storage is ridiculously overpriced, such as the ‘cube’ acrylic storage loved by Kim Kardashian which costs a whopping $225! Luckily I have found some amazing deals and some really cool items on good old eBay, all for under £30.

1 Acrylic Mini Makeup Storage Link Here £5.99

If you have a small makeup collection this is perfect.  Alternatively if like me, your makeup collection spans two entire rooms, you could use this to put all of your new makeup to use, or your current daily makeup.  It has sections for all types of products and is so reasonably priced.

2 Acrylic Clear Make Up Drawers  Link Here £13.77

Acrylic storage is a must, it allows you to store your makeup while allowing you to see what’s inside without digging around in the drawers. They also just look beautiful with all the different types of makeup in them like blushes and powders.

3 Acrylic Drawers With Top Storage Link Here £13.99

The larger version of item 1.  If you have a large makeup collection you could use this to store your favourite lip products in the top section and your less used ones in the drawers.  For a smaller collection you can probably fit most of your regular makeup in the drawers and your lip and eye pencils, sticks and liners in the top. So many uses!

4. Acrylic Deep Drawer Makeup Storage Link Here £26.95

While you could use this for whatever you want, the deep drawers are saying to me foundation storage. A lot of acrylic drawers are shallow, meaning you can’t fit foundations in.  This has deep drawers for foundation and more shallow ones for concealer. The other drawers could be used for bb creams, tinted moisturiser and concealer, perhaps even loose and pressed powder. Keeping different types of makeup separate if you have a lot makes life so much easier.

5 Rotating Spinning Cosmetic Organizer Display Link Here £10.29

As soon as I saw this I had to order it, what a game changer! It’s like one of the spinning displays at the Mac counter but for just £10! This looks amazing.

6 Makeup Palette Storage Link Here £25.88

I’ve always struggled to store my palettes, the best I have come is a letter sorter and that looked a bit lame.  This is absolutely perfect to store all of my many palettes in the same place to make them easy to use, to find, and to remind me that I have loads and I need to stop buying so many eye shadows!

I hope you liked this post and found some great items or suggestions on how to store your makeup.