The Ultimate Beauty Blender Guide



The Ultimate Beauty Blender Guide

What is a Beauty Blender?

A Beauty Blender is an egg shaped sponge created by two Hollywood makeup artists. The Beauty blender was created to be the best sponge on the market and to leave you with a flawless face of foundation with no caking.

But Dude, It’s Been Out Ages!

I waited a while to write this review so I could try the different knock-off sponges out there that were brought to the market due to the popularity and attention the beauty blender received.   I’m very much into a dupe as you may have seen from my previous posts.  Especially if they are cheaper.  So I wanted to see if any of the lower cost versions were as good as the original.

Is There a Good Dupe?

Unfortunately, this time, I’ve had to concede that it’s a no from me.  While the ‘dupe’ sponges are often very good, especially the Real Techniques one, they just weren’t as good as the beauty blender.


The original Beauty Blender has a soft sponge material that is very squishy.  All of the dupes seemed to be made of a thicker material meaning they were harder to manipulate.  The soft material of the beauty blender allows you to easily blend around your eyes and nose.

I found the beauty blender worked a lot better wet than the dupes.  You can wring it out a lot easier as it’s so soft.  This means you can get the sponge just barely damp where the dupes were still a bit too wet.  This meant application could get streaky with the dupes, and looks flawless with the beauty blender.

Is it Worth the Cost?

I was sceptical at first since it is just a sponge and a small one at that.  But the beauty blender is multi-use and worth the money in my opinion.  It gives you a flawless foundation finish. It’s amazing for both highlight and contour.  It’s amazing for concealer application and for setting under-eye concealer with loose powder.  It gives an incredibly natural finish.  I will continue to repurchase, the new one I got recently was a nude version since it ends up that colour anyway!

Beauty Blender Tips

  • Replace your beauty blender at the 3-4 month mark. Sponges can harbour germs no matter how clean you keep them so best to replace regularly and keep it sanitary.
  • A tip for a simple, cheap beauty blender cleaner is just a bar of soap! It’s cheap and effective as a cleaning method for the Beauty Blender. Simply run it across a soap bar a few times, rinse, and repeat.
  • Keep the plastic packaging and rest the beauty blender on the top of it to dry. Alternatively, you can use an egg cup.
  • It’s perfect to apply loose powder for the new ‘Baking’ technique. In case you weren’t aware, Baking is a term meaning to let translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes, allowing the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer.  You then dust the excess off your face, leaving you with a creaseless, flawless finish. Find out more here from where I learnt WTF baking was Cosmo Baking Description
  • Once your sponge it dead for face use, you can wash it and keep it to use for ombre nail art.
  • There are quite a few different types of Beauty Blender, see the infographic below for the different uses.

How to Clean the Beauty Blender?

There are two official beauty blender cleansers, a liquid and a solid form.

Liquid – press the pump nozzle to get the cleanser on your sponge. Squeeze and work into a lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. The process is simple.

Solid – Wet your Beauty Blender and rub it against the cleanser, creating lather. Squeeze and rinse until the sponge is clean. This is the same method if using regular bar soap.

Do any of you own the beautyblender? How do you use it to apply your makeup?