Marble and Rose Gold Ebay Picks Part 2

Marble and Rose Gold Ebay Picks Part 2

Marble and Rose Gold Ebay Picks Part 2

I was so happy that people seemed to like my last blog post on Rose Gold and Marble Ebay Picks that I decided to suggest some more for you and make Marble and Rose Gold Ebay Picks Part 2.   I’m always looking for pretty things for my home and save so many things to my watch list, why not share?

1. Rose Gold Oh You Pretty Thing Trinket Dish Link here £5.85

I ordered this as soon as I saw it! It’s a beautiful trinket dish perfect for jewellery, spare coins and keys.  Or just to add interest to a coffee table or blog photo.   It’s small but not ridiculously tiny and handy to keep earrings in as I’m always losing one.

2. Marble Cake Stand Link here £19.02

This would be so cute for cupcakes, a large cake or even for cheese and crackers if you have guests. You could also use it in a completely different way and display your make brushes in pots or your perfumes on your dressing table.

3 Rose Gold and White Clock Link here £9.95

This is a simple clock that would look really nice in a plain room with rose gold accents. I got mine for my living room so I could move the plain white one that was in there to my bedroom which is entirely white (it’s very peaceful).  It looks great and very chic, you’d never expect it was under £10!

4. Rose Gold Hexagon Hanging Mirror  Link here £5.99

Another simple geometric homeware item and it’s so easy to hang a mirror which comes with a chord or rope compared to a normal mirror, easy and functional! This would look great in a hallway for that final lippie check before you leave the house.

5. Rose Gold Foil Print Perfect is Boring Print Link Here £11.56

I enjoy having a few framed inspirational quotes around the house and this one is great. Being perfect really would be boring, and who is perfect anyway, nobody cool that I know. I use Ikea Ribba white frames to keep these type of prints simple with the focus on the quote.

6. Two Marble Hexagon Tea Light Holders Link Here £9.99 

Combining two of my fave things, marble and candles are these adorable marble tea light holders.  I suggest getting some of the Yankee Candle scented tea lights to get the best of both worlds if you’re using a tea light holder.

7. Rose Gold Bin Link Here  £9.50

This was the most reasonably priced rose gold wire bin I could find, why they are so expensive I have no idea! A lot of high street shops sell them for £25 and up, which is quite ridiculous to me, it’s a bin! This would be great for a bedroom or bathroom, just throw in a clear plastic bin liner which you can usually pick up in the pound shop, so it doesn’t detract from the design.

8. Rose Gold iPhone Holder Link Here £3.38 

If you’re anything like me you’re watching youtube on your phone when you’re putting on your makeup.  Trying to watch something or change a song when the phone is flat on the surface is such a pain.  So I found this holder which you can also use as a charger.  This also turned out to be really helpful in another random way.  If, like me,  you usually knock your phone off of your bedside table in the night and  end up searching under the bed in the morning in a panic to find it when the alarm goes off.  This holder means it’s stuck into the base to charge, so I haven’t knocked it off since!

I hope you liked these Marble and Rose Gold Ebay Picks.  If there are any other homeware themes you’d like me to post about, please do let me know.