Unreal Peels – How to Get Better Skin in 1 Hour

Unreal Peels How to Get Better Skin in 1 Hour

Unreal Peels How to Get Better Skin in 1 Hour

My skin had been annoying me intensely.  Nothing crazy, but the texture was looking rubish, which made me feel as grey as I looked.  None of my skincare products seemed to be helping, so I decided urgent action was required. Clearly, I am nothing if not dramatic.

Needing something that would work quickly and give me a boost of confidence I tabbed on over to Treatwell to see what I could get done for a pick me up.

Picking a Peel

I always find facials rather pointless and lasers and IPL take lots of treatments to show results.  I worked out that a peel would be my best bet and luckily I found my favourite clinic in London on Treatwell which is called Askinology.  I booked myself a lunchtime peel on a Friday when not many people were in the office, just in case I came back bright red.

I turned up for my appointment and after discussing with Liz my skin issues, we decided on the Skinceuticals Glycolic Peel.

The Procedure

Liz got me in the chair and cleansed my face, she then painted on the peel solution with a little paintbrush.  It soon started tingling.  It appears I have a high tingle threshold as I made it through the entire 5 minutes it is supposed to be on, on the first try – go me! Liz seemed impressed.

Does it Hurt?

Nope! The heat and tingling isn’t very strong and didn’t make me nervous. Liz told me to grade the tingling on a scale of 1-10 so she could take it off when I got to an 8.  I was a bit worried I was going to look like Samantha from Sex and the City afterwards!  But there was nothing to worry about; I just looked a tad pink. Liz then neutralised the peel to stop it working and removed it entirely with cleansing pads.  She then cooled my face down with cold wet soft cloths.  That was it!

I looked in the mirror straight after it was done and I was struck by how shiny my skin looked. The light is beaming off my cheekbones and forehead which made my skin look so glowing and healthy.  The irritating lines and bumps I have had on my neck for a few years seemed reduced.  There is no shedding of dead skin that I can see, as the glycolic peel is not ridiculously strong.

I took before and after pictures below, these are only with my iPhone as they were really more for myself and I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about it but I think you can see the difference.


Unreal Peels How to Get Better Skin in 1 Hour

Before (1)


I am ecstatic! I feel like a new woman with a new face.  Liz popped some mineral concealer on under my eyes and then off I went.  Overall it took just under 1 hour and it has given me such a boost.


My skin looks younger, fresher and the texture and tone looks amazing. I absolutely recommend this for other 30 something’s who are feeling a bit blah about their skin and ageing, but don’t want to do anything as serious as botox or fillers.  There are plenty of different peels available at Askinology which you can see here. Peels can be used for all different issues from acne scarring to sun-damage, poor texture and signs of ageing.

Unreal Peels – How to Get Better Skin in 1 Hour

Peels can be very gentle with no down time (such as the one I had at the Facial Bar).  All the way through to deep penetrating peels performed by Dr Askari, which will result in a few days of skin shedding.  I’m sure all of the girls at the clinic are awesome, but if you get a choice I love Kerri and Liz.  If you can’t get to Akinology you can find other providers of this peel here Skinceuticals – Find a Clinic

Jessica Alba Opera LED Phantom Facial

I also noticed that Askinology offer the Phantom Facial which used the new Opera LED Light Mask! See pic above, it looks crazy! I think I am going to try this next time in the quest for anti ageing.  If it’s good enough for the Kardashians and Jessica Alba, it’s good enough for this face right here.

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