Easy Makeup Brush Cleaning Guide

Easy Makeup Brush Cleaning Guide

Easy Makeup Brush Cleaning Guide 

Makeup is all fun and glamorous until you have to start cleaning your brushes. We try to avoid it as much as we possibly can, but putting off cleaning them is a recipe for disaster. Dirty brushes and sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, gross!  So here are all the different, easy ways to clean your makeup brushes and blenders.

How to wash a Beauty Blender or any Makeup Sponge

I wash mine with the beauty blender liquid cleanser and warm water.  The cleanser is cheaper here

Here’s how:

  • Put a few dots of the soap on the Beauty Blender
  • Rub it in, focusing on the dirtiest parts
  • Wash it out under the tap with warm water, you may have to repeat this a couple of times to get out all of the product
  • Squeeze the excess water out
  • Wrap the sponge in a towel and squeeze it to get out excess water
  • Set the sponge out to dry in an open space
  • You can prop it up in an egg cup so it drys evenly

How To Wash Makeup Brushes By Hand

  • Take all brushes to be washed to the sink
  • Hold the brush facing down under the tap & get it wet using warm water
  • Put a small drop of shampoo or antibacterial hand soap in your hand.
  • Swirl brush in shampoo or soap, lather it up
  • Rinse well, keep washing the brush with the shampoo until the water runs clear.
  • For some brushes (foundation brushes) this may take a couple of times
  • Use a rolled up towel on top of another towel that is spread out on a flat surface and put your brushes on the roll so they are slanted, bristles down, handles up, so water doesn’t soak into the handle and ruin the glue
  • Leave them to dry for several hours or overnight

How To Wash Makeup Brushes With a Silicone Mitt or Mat

Follow all of the steps above, however, replace your hand with the silicone mitt or silicone mat! This means your hands don’t get dirty and the unique textured rubber design will get the makeup out of your brushes quicker than by hand.

How To Use a Silicone Brush Egg

Foundation brushes sometimes need a deep cleansing to strip them off of the old product, oils and dirt and you can use a brush egg to get all of that gunk out.

The grooves are designed to agitate the bristles of your brush for deep cleansing, perfect for those weeks when you’ve used the same brush every day and couldn’t be bothered to wash it until the weekend (and the build up is real).

How To Use Spray Brush Cleaner

This is a favourite for Makeup Artists as it’s a good way to condition and deodorise your brushes while ensuring they’re clean and sanitised.

Spray brush cleaners are mostly alcohol based so have an instant dry formula.  This means you don’t have to wait half a day before you can use them again.  Simply spray the bristles with the cleaner, and wipe the makeup off onto a piece of kitchen roll. For a more eco-friendly option, use a flannel which you can wash and use again.

How To Use a Makeup Brush Dry-Clean Sponge

The Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge makes it possible for you to switch from one eyeshadow colour to another without having to change your brush.

The highlight of this is that it cleans without soap or water.  Obviously, this is something you would only use in conjunction with proper washing but fab if you’re in a rush. Just rub the brush into the sponge inside the tin and voila!

How To Wash Artis Brushes

Spending £44 on the special brush cleaning pad from Artis seems mad.  Why not just buy a microfibre cloth from your local supermarket, which is what this pad is covered with.  These cloths come in a pack of 3/4 for a few pounds.  If you want to make it taut like the cleaning pad, just put it in an embroidery hoop which costs around £2.00. A saving of around £40! I clean mine with the beauty blender liquid cleanser and this works well.

How to Use Electric Brush Cleaners 

If you’ve got a lot of makeup brushes or are a pro MUA you may wish to save yourself time by investing in an electric cleaner.  From the Stylepro to the Lilumia they vary in price.  They generally work to spin the brushes in the brush cleaner which is filled with an alcohol based cleaner.  Once clean you pour away the cleanser then spin again to dry the brushes.  A great invention, but only worthwhile if you have a lot of brushes.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Regardless of which of the methods above you choose, some things should be avoided in order to protect the brush from damage during cleaning.

Bristles Misshaping

If the bristles become misshapen, it affects the brush’s ability to perform well and can even render it totally useless.  While the bristles can withstand general manipulation during cleaning, take care not to push or pull too harshly. Also, take care to form the brush just right after cleaning. The brushes will dry the way they are left after cleaning.

Do Not Lay the Wet Brush Flat

While cleaning and during the drying process, make sure to tilt the brush in a way that keeps the bristles at the lowest part of the brush. It is best to allow the brush to dry with the bristles facing downward to prevent water ruining the inside of the brush where it meets the handle.

Do Not Use Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can ruin both synthetic and natural bristle brushes. It can adversely affect the bristles, the glue inside the ferrule, and any finish on the handle. Be careful not to allow the temperature of the water used for cleaning to rise too high and avoid the temptation to hair dry your brushes. I know…it always seems like a good idea at the time. But it’s not as it will ruin them!

I hope this is helpful! Please do let me know if you have brush cleaning tips in the comments below!