Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave

Hotel Gustave

Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave

The last hotel I stayed in during my trip to Paris was the absolutely stunning Hotel Gustave.   If you’re looking for a gorgeous boutique hotel in Paris that’s only a 10-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, with views from your room of the Eiffel Tower as well, then this is your perfect place.

Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave

Luxury in Paris

After having to check out early from our prior hotel we had planned to just leave our bags at the hotel until we could check in.  Instead, we were welcomed by the lovely and friendly staff and after they had to deal with an incredibly irritating man who was trying to ask them to put 5 people in 1 hotel room (erm that’s illegal so…no) we were quickly whisked off to our gorgeous room. I must say they did deal with that foolish man very nicely and politely and respectfully, despite him being really obnoxious, which is a testament to their hotel.

Hotel Gustave Paris
The Lobby


Hotel Gustave Paris

The Bedroom

There are 32 rooms in the hotel, six of which rooms offer spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel owes its name to that of Gustave Eiffel, who in 1886 designed this monument that has since become a symbol of Paris.

I was gobsmacked when we walked into our room to find it was one of the six with a  stunning Eiffel Tower view and they were even kind enough to have left us a bottle of champagne!

Our room was mainly white with touches of blue and purple along with the stunning black and white Eiffel Tower view artwork above the bed. The sleek bathroom had a shower rather than a bath which I much preferred.

The designer of the hotel used the space in the rooms to maximum advantage so there was room for a desk and chair, mini bar, coffee area and an extra chair at the end of the bed without it being that much bigger than any of the other rooms we stayed, they had  just designed the room incredibly well.

Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave
Our Room
The Bathroom
Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave
How cool!


The View at Night
Luxury in Paris at Hotel Gustave
The View During the Day

Exploring the Hotel 

The lobby is absolutely stunning, from the chairs and the display cases to the awesome Facebook like display they have, everything works so well together and each area moves seamlessly into the next, despite them all having different themes.

The breakfast area is half red and Chinese inspired with dark lacquered tables to compliment the red walls and soft furnishings, this leads on to the rest of the dining area where the breakfast is served with paisley wall coverings, Parisian artwork, and a blue theme.  From the blue breakfast area, there are large french doors which take you out to the courtyard where you can sit and eat and drink or just get some fresh air.  This area is so pretty with pink flowers, whitewashed wood and black metal tables and chairs.

The Courtyard
Red Breakfast Room

The Blue Breakfast Room


The breakfast buffet was great with a choice of basically everything you need for breakfast. From a fancy orange juice press to expensive designer tea bags, mini Nutella portions and even cake for breakfast! The coffee was delicious as was the bread and Madeira cake available. It was also nice to have a nectarine and some apricots as all of the other hotels we stayed at only had apples and bananas, as by the third day I was all food-ed out and in need of some vegan food to be honest!

The Bar at the Eiffel Tower
The Seine

Untitled design-2


Located just a short stroll from the Seine, Champ de Mars and several other major monuments of Paris, the Hotel Gustave immerses you in the heart of Paris. We took a ten-minute stroll to the Eiffel Tower, and thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day, as waiting in the queue can be a bit miserable if it’s raining and cold.

The views were gorgeous, and I would happily go up the Eiffel Tower every time I am in Paris as it’s just so beautiful. They have a bar that I hadn’t seen before on the 1st floor called Container Bar so we stopped and had a little drink there and watched the world go by.

Not too far from the Eiffel Tower is the Arc De Triomphe, although I didn’t go up it this time we stopped to take some pictures and then we went to my favourite restaurant in Paris called Le Kleber, if you’re ever in Paris go and take a look, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.




Hotel Gustave is the best hotel I have ever stayed in when in Paris, and that covers both times I have been there.  What makes Hotel Gustave special in particular, regardless of the room, view or its amazing location is the service. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and friendly to us that it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. I absolutely recommend this hotel and give it 11/10.

Hotel Details



34, rue Viala

75015 Paris