Real Techniques Brush Dupes From Ebay




Real Techniques Brush Dupes From Ebay

I love the Real Techniques Brand and the Bold Metals collection brushes that I own.  They work well, look nice and are good quality.

There are a couple of things I dislike. First, I think the price is far too much for what you get.  The contour brush in the UK is £22 alone.  For one brush from a drugstore brand!  The second thing I dislike is all of the different types of brush switching between the type of metal.  Some brushes are rose gold, some are silver. I just want the whole set I own to be the same colour.

Finding The Bargain

A few weeks ago, perusing eBay for a blog post I came across some rose gold makeup brushes.  They looked exactly like the Real Techniques brushes I already own.  The benefits were that you got 7 brushes for just £4.75! They also had all 7 in the colour of your choice. You can pick from Gold, Silver or Rose Gold. Here is the link to the eBay listing.

Real Techniques Brush Dupes From Ebay

How Long Did They Take To Arrive

They arrived within 2 weeks and I have been testing them ever since.  They do not claim to be Real Techniques brushes on the packaging they arrive in, nor  do they have the same markings on the RT brushes.

What are the Similarities/Differences

There are only 2 differences that I can tell.  That the handles are lighter on the eBay brushes and the bristles are marginally less dense. For example, if I squish the contour brush bristles on both real and cheap version, the eBay bristles splay out more.  This means there is more room for them to splay out, so they aren’t packed so densely.

From studying both brush handles they look exactly the same apart from the branding.  What I do think is that the Real Techniques brush handles are solid inside, while the cheaper brushes are not and are just the outer casing. This is what would cause them to be lighter but still look the same.

That is is.  The colour and type of bristles feel the same.  The shape of the bristles are the same and they are the same length.  Both brushes apply makeup the same and I don’t notice any different between real or dupe when applying makeup.

They are easy to clean, exactly the same as the Real Techniques brushes.  I’ve had no shedding and have been using them for 3 weeks.

Do You Like Them? Are They Worth Buying?

I love them! I had a hard time earlier working out which ones were which when I was washing them ready to photograph.  The fact that you get 7 brushes for 1/4 of the price or less than 1 Real Techniques brush is amazing.

These are a complete bargain, would be excellent as a gift, have a spare travel set for yourself or just as a little gift for yourself.

I completely recommend these. They are also synthetic bristles so cruelty-free and suitable for Veggie or Vegan makeup lovers too.