BB CC DD EE Creams – What Do They All Do?

BB CC DD EE Creams - What Do They All Do?

BB CC DD EE Creams – What Do They All Do?

What Are The Best Ones?

I want to help shed some light on the differences between BB, CC,  DD and EE creams.  The first step to be aware of is that in many cases, surprisingly is that a lot of the time,  there are not really any differences!

  • BB Stands For – Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm (more like a foundation or tinted moisturiser)
  • CC Stands For – Colour Correction (Evens skintone)
  • DD Stands For – Daily Defence or Dynamic Do It All Balm (Skincare based primer)
  • EE Stands For – Enlightening Effect (Brightening effect primer or tinted moisturiser)

Which One Should I Buy?

When BB creams first hit the UK market after being a hit in Asia, they were a revolution.  Now there are all sorts of alphabet creams! The lines get very blurry in between each type of product and vary from brand to brand.   The good news is that they are generally all great products and better for your skin than a regular foundation, some having skincare benefits, some being useful as a primer and SPF in one and some giving your skin a glow.

What Is The Point Of Them?

The point of all of these creams is to cut down the amount of steps taken when getting made up, and the layering of too many products on your face. It’s a lot easier to use 1 cream as a moisturiser,  brightener, SPF and primer before your foundation than using all of the products separately. Or using one as a bronzer, SPF and tinted moisturiser.  I’ll split my favourites out into what they are good for and why I like them.

BB CC DD EE Creams - What Do They All Do?

BB Creams

Maybelline Dream Bronze BB £6.99 Link Here

Illuminating with a light foundation feel.  Dewy and moisturising so great for dry, dehydrated or mature skin. SPF 25. Works amazingly for olive toned skin or when you have a real or fake tan. Covers imperfections and evens skin tone. I use this a lot.

Dr Jart Platinum BB Cream £22.00 Link Here

This is what you need if you’re getting concerned with ageing and/or have dry skin.  Especially if it’s winter.  If you are going skiing this would be epic.  Thick  and moisturising with SPF40 and a lot of pigment, you don’t need any other products. This is moisturiser, SPF, serum, primer and foundation in one. I wear this every day in winter when I have no fake tan on so I don’t go all crispy and dry in the cold weather.

Dr Jart Premium BB Cream £24.00 Link Here

My favourite BB cream for holidays in the sun.  This one-step balm perfects the appearance of skin while protecting it from the sun and environmental factors. Contains peptides for anti ageing features SPF 45.  This is a moisturiser, sunscreen, and treatment serum all-in-one product with advanced brightening properties.   I would wear this on the beach or for no makeup days. You can use it as a primer under makeup as well its natural coverage minimizes the appearance of imperfections and evens the skintone.

Clinique Age Defence BB Cream £28.00 Link Here

I used to use Clinique City Block all the time in the days before BB creams, this is like that but with extra. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is a medium buildable coverage cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps conceal imperfections and enhances skin’s complexion. The formula calms skin and helps protect against UV and environmental damage while providing oil and shine control to extend the life of your foundation all day. This is a bit expensive so you might want to try one of the Dr Jart creams first for better value.

BB CC DD EE Creams - What Do They All Do?

CC DD/EE Creams

Korres Wild Rose CC Cream £26.00 Link Here

This is a brightening moisturising cream that evens out skin tone, covers imperfections and offers sunscreen protection.

This has better coverage than all of the other CC creams I have tried, and is more like a more moisturising verson of the Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturiser which was very sadly discontinued years ago that I loved.  It leaves a very slight glow and the shades both work well with a Mediterranean complexion or if you have a tan. This will cover thread veins, dark spots or red patches where a lot of other brands CC creams won’t. 

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Cream £16.99 Link Here

The only DD cream I own and very similar to the Dr Jart BB creams although quite a bit cheaper.  Very good moisturising cream which gives a natural bare skin effect but does give good coverage, just not in an obvious way.  Does cover small imperfections and enhance radiance  and the best bit is it smells of their famous Huile Prodigieuse. This is for natural look days, and those looking to prevent ageing as it has 4 sunscreens with different & complimentary filtration areas and is an SPF30.  A perfect everyday product for city workers or those around a lot of pollution.

Enlighten EE Skintone Corrector £35.00  Link Here

If you prefer to use an EE cream this is the only one I find any good.  It is a lightweight cream that applies easily and contains a good broad spectrum SPF.  The product contains anti oxidants in a packaging style that does keep them stable and the formula contains some anti irritants so good for those with sensitive skin.  This would also be good for those worried about age spots or pigmentation as  it includes licorice extract, which studies have found can be effective in helping lighten dark spots.
Do you use BB creams? Which is your fave?