5 Of The Best Office Skin Savers


Long nights, bright lights, aircon and exhaustion don’t bode well for good skin. Here are my 5 favourite office skin saviors to help your skin through the working week.

Bioderma Hydrabio Rich Moisturising Care £14.50

If the change of weather is playing havoc with your skin then this is a great solution.  After a few days my dry patches cleared up entirely.  Now I use it every morning before my foundation to get a smooth, even base. I also use a thicker layer of it after I use any hyaluronic acid products in the evening, which ensures the moisture from this product is drawn into the skin.

Using a high content of moisture boosting glycerin, this hydrating cream keeps tired skin looking plump and perky. One to reach for when your face is dry and sensitive and you’re at a loss how to soothe it.

Fillerina Eye and Lip Contour Cream £38

Fillerina is fast becoming one of my favourite brands.  This eye and lip cream uses a potent cocktail of hyaluronic acids and conditioning oils to infuse the skin with moisture and retain your eye and lip area’s former ‘plumpness’. I had been looking for an eye cream for years that didn’t sting my eyes or make them water and I have finally found it in this.

This is the perfect product to smooth out tiny lip and eye lines.  It plumps up the lines so there is less bleeding when you wear a strong lip colour. This comes in 3 Grades so as always, I’ve gone for Grade 3 which is the strongest.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque £35

This mask gives dehydrated skin a much-needed moisture boost and contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5.  It increases the skin’s moisture levels, soothes inflammation and encourages healthy tissue repair to alleviate dry, tight complexions in minutes.

I use this all the time so I sometimes forget to mention it. You just apply a thick layer of this gel masque all of your face, neck, and hands and leave on for ten minutes.  Once you rinse it off your skin is soothed, plump and hydrated.  This is a great mask if your skin is sore, red, peeling, dry, dehydrated or chapped.  Used twice a week I find it’s the perfect antidote to stuffy offices that dry out your skin.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate £37

If you’ve had a late night, and are looking extremely tired and haggard then this is the thing for you.  Make time to pop some of this on before bed and you’ll be off to work looking refreshed in the morning. I was dubious before I bought it,  but I must say that this works like a miracle.  My skin feels softer, smoother and glowing. The only time I would not recommend this product is if your skin is oily or if you have spots/acne.

PurOrganica 20% Vitamin C Serum £11.99

I bought this to use after my dermal rolling but after seeing the results, I use this every day now. This is a great product if you work long hours in an office with recycled air as it contains moisturising hyaluronic acid.  This is the best vitamin c serum I have used and I can’t believe how reasonable the price is. I will definitely repurchase this every time I run out.

Simply rub between your fingers and pat onto your face to apply, then put your usual moisturiser on top.  It makes your skin glow and over time improves pigmentation and radiance.  It is also perfect to use with a 0.25mm dermal roller as the needle marks help the product penetrate into the skin, amplifying the results.  Since using this I have had to use less foundation as my skintone has been much more even, I now just use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream most of the time.