Lazy Girl Nails


Lazy Girl Nails



Lazy Girl Nails

I love gel nails, but sometimes I feel a bit lazy and really just CBA! So when I feel like that I stick on some fake nails, pretend they’re real and enjoy perfect nails for a few days!

I have small fingers and small nails so I really like the Elegant Touch branch just because they go down to small sizes.  I got some daytime or work nails in nude colours called Jackie and Take me to Tokyo.  Jackie is a pale pink and Take me to Tokyo is a peachy nude. They are both almond shape and quite short, easy to type in and quite thin so they look passable as being real nails.  Apart from the thumb one on my left hand where I made a serious error lol!

I also picked up two of the After Dark range of nails to wear over Halloween. I’m going to a day of the dead party which I am so excited about. I think I will do a mix of both the black and the bling (Chrome Crazy and Miss Lead).

You can purchase Elegant Touch nails from Superdrug and Boots or also from their own online shop. The nails I got range in price from £5-8.

Do you ever use stick on nails? Which ones are your favourites?