Autumn Workwear Essentials

Autumn Workwear Essentials

Autumn Workwear Essentials

I work in the head office of a big manufacturing company in London. While I love my work, I struggle to enjoy getting dressed for work sometimes as I loathe how hard it can be to find good quality affordable clothing on the high street. Especially as I am 5’11.  In magazines and a lot of blogs, people overlook workwear, but it’s where I spend about 80% of my time, and I want to look nice!

I needed to update my wardrobe for Autumn and Winter 2016 and have spent ages trying to find exactly what I want at reasonable prices compared to what fabrics and cuts are used. I don’t mind paying a little more if the piece will last me for years to come.  I have tried to focus on high-quality fabrics, flattering cuts and good value for money. Here is my edit of some good high street workwear for the coming months.

1. Navy Asos Blouse £28

I picked this blouse as, while it’s 100% polyester, this means that it’s machine washable and won’t need to be ironed if you hang it up to dry on a hanger straight after washing. Win! It has a silky feel and isn’t too thick so can be worn under blazers and jumpers. The colour on the website is true to real life and the fit is true to size. It’s a good length for me so can be worn tucked in or out.

2. Black Cos Bag £59

I always have a massive tote bag with me so really need a small cross body bag that can be used when I go out after work for drinks or to a party.  This small shoulder bag is made from raw-cut unlined leather. I love that it’s plain and has a minimal style so won’t take away from whatever outfit you wear. It comes with  hidden magnetic fastenings and a detachable strap. It also comes in white.

3. Zara Long Grey Coat £119

I have a thing for winter coats. This grey coat is gorgeous and really nicely cut. I do think it’s probably going to suit someone slightly taller due to the length, so for me, perfect. It has a one button fastening which is good to stop the struggle of doing up buttons with gloves on when it’s windy. The neckline means it is perfect for wearing with scarves or fake fur wraps. It’s 48% wool so it’s not going to be the warmest coat ever, good for me as I only have to walk 10 mins or so to and from the station on either end and the train itself is like a mobile sauna. Not one to buy if you have a half hour wait in the cold at a bus stop for your commute.

4. Oasis Black Lace Skirt £50

I really want to order this skirt on payday.  I wear quite a  lot of black but always try and look for interesting textures and fabrics to make it look more expensive.  I love that the lining stops higher than the lace detail but not too short for it to be inappropriate for work. I hate knees (don’t know why) and this skirt is the perfect length and shape to hide knees and skim thighs.  This would be great with a plain turtleneck and some heels for a day-to-night look. This is another polyester item but that works in its favour as you can wash, hang up to dry and the pleats should fall back to where they are supposed to.

5. Cos Berry Cashmere Scarf £59

Timeless and versatile, this large rectangular scarf is made from pure cashmere with an extra-soft, fuzzy finish. This scarf is such great value and if you look after it well will last you years. Berry is a good colour to buy as it will go with most colour coats, from black and navy to grey and camel. It does come in other colours though.  I’ve bought cashmere ‘mix’ scarves in the past and they were such a waste and usually only £10-15 cheaper than this. Cashmere will keep you very warm whilst being lightweight.

6. Cos Rose Leather Gloves £49

I think I might ask for these gloves for Christmas. Are you fed up of having black wool gloves and losing them, or more likely one of them? Because I am!  I think this year I need a proper leather pair in a beautiful colour.  I was tempted as the colour is the same as my fave lipstick.  You can’t get rid of beauty blogging thoughts, even when glove shopping!  These gloves are a close fit, made of smooth buttery leather, lined with soft cashmere and have a modern size-zip detail. I think £49 is a good price for leather gloves with a cashmere lining. They will keep you warm and last for years.

7. Oasis Burgundy Top £34

With its pretty puff sleeves and cute button cuffs, this simple long-sleeved top will cover every occasion this season. I would wear it tucked into skirts or trousers for work but you could also wear it on weekends with a snuggly cardie.

8. Next Black Suede Ankle Boots £50

I am not the biggest fan of flat shoes, but flat boots I can deal with. These leather boots are quite plain but still have the strap detail to give them a bit of interest. They are really comfy and the style can be worn with skirts/dresses or trousers so very versatile. They also come in leopard prints if you prefer something more jazzy, I prefer something classic.

9. Zara Embroidered Clutch Bag £29.99

Top trends for autumn are embroidered roses, sequins and bags with a chain strap.  This has everything in one, and is a subtle way to be fashionable and up with the trends without trying to look like a teenager. I want to get this so I can use it for nights out after work and Christmas parties. You can use it with or without the strap but I love a chain strap. I am a menace with a clutch bag, if it doesn’t have a strap I will 100% lose it. It does have some width and isn’t as flat as it looks so you will have ample room for a phone, small purse, perfume and lippie.

I hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you plan on making any new work purchases and what you’re getting x