New Gel Polish Shades for Autumn – Jessica Geleration

Jessica Geleration



Jessica Geleration Swatch - The Luring Beauty
Jessica Geleration Swatch – The Luring Beauty
Jessica Geleration Swatch - Mysterious Echoes
Jessica Geleration Swatch – Mysterious Echoes

New Gel Polish Shades for Autumn – Jessica Geleration

One of the most time-saving products created  in recent years for beauty lovers is gel nail polish.  I used to end up doing my nails every other day. And I was wasting so much time.  With a good gel polish such as Jessica Geleration, I get 2 weeks of chip-free nails with a super shiny finish.

It’s been 6 years since my first review of Jessica Geleration gel polishes! Now I’ve got 2 new Autumn shades from the collection called Into The Wild. The two I have are 1. The Luring Beauty and 2. Mysterious Echoes.

Jessica Geleration is a professional product so you can get this done in a salon – click here to find a salon that uses Geleration.  You can also ‘officially’ buy any professional gel polish brand to use at home if you have been on a course to learn how to apply it. I recommend going on one as they really are informative, the courses aren’t expensive.


The application is the same as for similar gel polish products.  You apply a base coat, two coats of colour then the topcoat.  Each layer is cured separately in a lamp. You can use either an LED or UV lamp for Geleration, the only difference is LED is quicker, you can find application information and lamp timings here Nails Magazine.

The Luring Beauty

The Luring Beauty is a pink/red cream with really rich pigmentation.  There is no shimmer, metallic finish, glitter or sparkle, just pure rich colour with a cream finish.

1121 The Luring Beauty

Mysterious Echoes

 Mysterious Echoes is a dark purple, again with no shimmer or glitter but with rich pigmentation.
 1119 Mysterious Echoes

Jessica Geleration gel polishes

They are vegan, cruelty free and 7-free.  7 Free means Free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and parabens.  I find them really easy to work with and apply and I’ve only ever needed 2 coats for a deep colour coverage.  Sometimes with Shellac, Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss I’ve needed more than 2 coats. The removal is easy, you can either use foil wraps or the shellac removal kit with acetone.  Removal takes 10-15 minutes.  If you are finding the removal is taking a while make sure your hands are warm.  You can put a hot water bottle covered with a towel over your nails when they are in the wraps and the heat speeds up removal.


Thoughts on Into The Wild

I really love the colours I have in the collection, you can see the rest of the collection here at the website . I definitely recommend giving Jessica Geleration a go if you’ve never tried it before.
Do you love gel polish? What’s your favourite brand?