Semilac Gel Polish Review and Swatches


Semilac Gel Polish Review and Swatches

Today I want to share a new Gel Polish brand that I have recently been testing out.  I get sent quite a lot of gel polish starter kits to review but  most of them don’t make the blog due to the quality or if they are overpriced for what they are. Semilac has really impressed me so I’m excited to share the details and pictures with you.


Semilac Starter Kit

You may  prefer to buy the individual colours if you already have a lamp. But if you’re looking for a  starter kit this one has everything, including a LED lamp and costs £60.  This also includes a basecoat, topcoat and colour ‘My Love’ which is a really pretty red.

Included in the starter kit is the following: 

– UV LED Lamp 6W
– Semilac Removing wraps 50
– Nail Cleaner 50ml
– Semilac Remover 50 ml
– Base coat 6 ml
– Top coat 6 ml
– Straight nail file 100/180
– Straight wooden file 180/240
– Semilac Stripper
– A Sanding Block which is intended for matting the nail plate.
– UV Hybrid My Love 026 7 ml

Semilac The Perfect Nude
Semilac The Perfect Nude


Semilac in Plum
Semilac in Plum
Semilac My Love
Semilac My Love

What Is Semilac

Semilac UV Gel Polish is hybrid nail polish combining gel, UV and nail polish technology to create a high performance, long-wearing product that is available in over 130 colours. Semilac is a Polish brand that has recently  launched in the UK. Over in Poland they command 72% of the gel polish market!  After testing it out for a few weeks my favourite things about it are that you only need 2 coats to get a really good coverage, even for lights or brights.

What Are The Good Things About Semilac

The Semilac gel polish lasted 2 weeks with no chipping and had a super shiny finish.  The application is so easy as the brush is much easier to use than ones from other brands I have tried. The bristles are tightly packed and there are a lot more of them, meaning that it holds more product and doesn’t drag when you glide the polish onto your nail.

I particularly like that the bottles are smaller than other gel brands and therefore much much cheaper. For example 1 Jessica Geleration polish is around £25 and 1 Semilac costs just £7.99 so you can buy more colours for the same price.

Colour Choice

I love the colour range. There’s a great selection of peaches, pinks and nudes, and dark reds and purples. I.e. exactly the colours that your everyday woman actually wants to wear on a regular basis. I was sent Perfect Nude and Plum and My Love came within the kit. I love all three of them which for me is a winner, I am so picky with nail colour as I have hundreds of gel polishes. You can check out the colours here Semilac Colours  look at all the nude colours!

Other Products

Semilac also sell a full range of UV Nail Art Gels, which enable you to create beautiful, elegant and classy designs on your nails in a range of styles, colours and finishes. I’m going to order one or two of these and check them out too, so look out for a review of those in future.  They also sell regular gels, accessories, all types of lamps and plenty of items to brand your salon, if you want to use the brand in your business. I think this would be a fantastic range for mobile beauty therapists to invest in, due to the size and the price of the products, compared to the quality.

How Does Semilac Compare to Shellac

A couple of years ago I would never have believed it. But I honestly prefer Semilac to my Shellac at this point. The design of the bottle is much better, the price point is much more realistic and I prefer the colours. The topcoat is also better with Semilac, I feel it is a tad thicker, meaning it coats the nail easier and protects it more, I have less chips using Semilac than Shellac.

Semilac is a professional standard product, they use it in Amy Child’s beauty salon and she is their brand ambassador. Which means if you go to her salon’s Instagram page here, you can see a lot of swatches of other colours.

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I will absolutely be buying more of these polishes to use myself and recommend them. Tag me in your pictures on social media if you get some too!