Black Friday Hacks – Save More Money

Black Friday Hacks - Save More Money

Black Friday Hacks – Save More Money

Black Friday is just a week away, so apart from sharpening your elbows if you plan to hit the high street, here are some other tips to bag the biggest bargains on Friday 25 November 2016.

Read up on Discounts Before Making Decisions

Which? Did some research from 2015 data and found out that shockingly, a lot of items from major retailers were not cheapest on Black Friday! They were a lower price on other days, most of the time after the actual Black Friday event.  To ensure you do save money, read up on all the discounts being offered online before making big decisions.

Follow Brands or Department Stores on Twitter

It’ll be the first place to see deals, surprise discounts and flash sales and means you aren’t inundated with newsletter emails.  If you don’t mind lots of emails, sign up to brand’s newsletters, especially if you haven’t ordered from their site before as you might get an extra new customer discount.

Start Early

Some of the best Black Friday deals start at midnight, so try and stay awake to check all your favourite sites before things sell out.  The next top time to buy online is 8am as more deals kick off then on lots of sites.  The last timing tip is to check hourly flash sales throughout the day for extra discounts.

Make a List

It’s easy to go crazy when you see so many discounts in person,  so make a list of what you want and the cheapest price you have found them on prior to Black Friday so you can gauge whether the deals are worth it.

Wait until Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is typically when the big deals drop online after Black Friday. So if you miss something on the actual day? Have a look on Cyber Monday.

Use a Cash Back Credit Card or Reward Card

If you have a rewards credit card or cash back card remember to use these to make purchases as you will get extra savings with every purchase. Every penny counts!

Price Promise Retailers

Some shops offer price promises, ensuring you can get a refund if your item drops in value in the weeks following your purchase. If your item is high value such as a games console, computer or phone, I definitely suggest shopping at a price promise retailer so you’re not kicking yourself a week later if the price goes down.

Fake Websites

Ensure you are not shopping on a fake website.  Check the brand’s verified twitter page and using the link there to their online store. There are many fake websites selling counterfeit branded goods.  Make sure you check it’s a legitimate site.   Here is a link to a voucher website I use a lot (Hot UK Deals) who have made a page of links to genuine retailers.

Do you plan on buying anything this Black Friday?