Empties and Quick Reviews 2

Empties and Quick Reviews 2

Empties and Quick Reviews 2

I am actually getting through quite a lot of stuff at the moment. I did my first empties and quick reviews last month. So here are my speedy reviews on each of the items I used up since the last post, whether I would or would not buy them again and why.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I got this in a gift set I believe and it has been languishing, half used, in the cupboard for months. I don’t like using it on my face in winter as it’s too drying so I decided to use it up as a shower gel.  For that purpose, it’s pretty good! Obviously a bit of a pricey product to actually buy with the intention of using as a shower gel however. If you are a wash and go sort of girl or guy, then this would be good as you can wash your face and body with it, it cleans you well and doesn’t have much of a scent.  However I wouldn’t repurchase, since for the purpose it’s intended for, doesn’t really work for me.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

This stuff is the work of the devil. As with the above Clinique item I got it in a gift set. There is no way I was putting this on my skin any more, it burned to high heaven.  Instead I used it to clean the sink and taps every morning after I brushed my teeth, as I didn’t want to waste it by throwing it away.  Good sink cleaner, not good for my face. Will avoid in future.

Tresemme Heat Protection Spray

I have had this for years. And by that I mean this one bottle. I always forgot to use it before blow drying before I had extensions and now I use the beauty works heat protectant spray as that is formulated to use with hair extensions. So I am going to throw this away as there is no other purpose to use it for, and it’s too old to pass on to a friend as that’s a bit gross. Will not repurchase.

Aussie Leave In Conditioner

I bought this to take with me to Dubai last year and used about 70% of it there in 1 week (the sun was crazy and I was scared I would end up with 1 giant dreadlock). This kept my hair very soft and it is a nice, cheap and cheerful product. It does smell a bit like bubblegum and I prefer not to smell like a chupa chup. So I might repurchase for a beach holiday in the future, but not a regular purchase.

Pixi Beauty Lip Lift Petal Ice

I used this every day for 3 weeks and it was done. Possibly due to the fact a lot of it leaked out into my Louis Vuitton. I was pretty annoyed! This is a nice, basically clear lipgloss that moisturises and softens your lips. It’s supposed to be a lip plumper and have a cooling sensation but I legitimately didn’t notice a lip plumping effect or cooling effect. I wouldn’t purchase this again as it’s just a basic clear lipgloss. This was the only Pixi Beauty product I have ever tried that I didn’t really like much, which is a shame, but good odds overall!

Dove DermaSpa Goodness Body Cream

This big tub of body lotion is one of my low cost faves. It smells gorgeous, sinks in pretty quickly and doesn’t leave you sticky.  And it’s really really cheap.  This tub legitimately lasted me for 2 months of almost ever day use.  It leaves your skin soft and silky and totally hydrated.  I will repurchase in future, once I have used some more of the insane amount of body lotions I own right now.

Korres Wild Rose CC Cream

I love this CC cream. It has been used so much recently as my skin has been so dry and it’s really one of my favourite natural bases. I reviewed it here my fave Korres products.  I will definitely repurchase in future as it’s a great product for summer or winter and it has a SPF 30.

Beautitude Comfort Candle  

This beautiful aromatherapeutic candle fills your room with the most beautiful scent.  I was supposed to be reviewing this but started using it before actually photographing it as I couldn’t wait and I needed a nice candle scent to help me sleep and since it was called comforting it sounding like a good plan.  It definitely does help me relax before bed and it’s made from eco soy wax with a lead free wick and only uses the finest essential oils. So I don’t mind using it in my bedroom. The scent is mandarin, bergamot and clemantine, geranium, lavendar and eucalyptus.  I love that it makes my room smell like a spa and I have already ordered another to feature in a winter candle blog post soon.  You can buy it for £34 link here

RemySoft blueMax Protective Silicone Serum

This really is amazing stuff. I usually love BeautyWorks hair extensions but I think I got a dud batch. They turned to a bushy mass of tangle every time I washed them. In desperation I ordered this stuff and  I could tell a huge difference on my extensions after one use of this product.  It almost made them look brand new again. I can’t believe how well it worked to be honest. If your hair or human hair extensions are fried then this will help. It’s a protective sealant serum that’s silicone based so it coats and seals the hair shaft smoothing any tangles. I would absolutely buy this again if I was having a hair extension nightmare.

YSL Voile de Blush 

This gel blush is so old I don’t even think they make them any more. I found it in a cupboard this week and tried to give it a go, and remembered why it was relegated to the cupboard of doom. It gave just a hint of sheer color so it’s barely got any pigmentation. It feels a little tacky  going on, and it’s hard to blend over foundation.  Overall this was pretty terrible and I would be quite hesitant to try one of YSL’s cream blushes or gel blushes in future.

So those are last months empties. What have you used up recently?