Happiness Boutique Rose Gold Arm Candy

Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique Rose Gold Arm Candy

Finding good quality costume jewellery that’s on-trend and doesn’t tarnish can be quite hard especially online as often things turn up and they don’t look like they did on the website.  Enter Happiness Boutique who emailed and asked me to review their gorgeous pieces. I took a look at their site and thought everything looked gorge and I was even happier when they actually arrived as the pieces look even better in real life than they do online. I definitely recommend you check out their Instagram account where they post pictures of real customers wearing their products as you get a much better idea of how to style them yourself.

What is Happiness Boutique?

Based in Berlin, Happiness Boutique are an online jewellery retailer with a wide range of on-trend items from 90’s chokers to  delicate rose gold pieces.  Everything is easy to find on their website, and it’s all reasonably priced. The most expensive item I could find was just £39.
 Happiness Boutique
My first choice was the rose gold plated Eternity Time Bracelet in Rose Gold (£22.11) as I was after a simple, classic bracelet that I could wear every day to work and could stack with my Olivia Burton watch and other rose gold items. This bracelet clips closed so it looks like a bangle.  It’s very secure and is the perfect size to not fall off my wrist.  I’ve had lots of compliments on it, which I think is because of it’s simple, Cartier inspired design. The crystals are set well and secure so I think the piece will last a long time.


I’ve worn the bracelet every day since I got it, even in the shower at the gym, and it looks perfect with no scratches or tarnishing at all. The clip is great quality and once the bracelet is on there are no worries about it falling off. I was quite surprised that for that price it’s titanium with real rose gold plating, for that price normally it would just be coloured metal in other shops.

Ordering From Happiness Boutique 

Happiness Boutique offer free worldwide standard shipping and if you become a regular customer they also have a reward program where you can get free jewellery. There’s even the incentive of a bi-monthly giveaway, hosted on their website. Items come well packaged and within a few days.

Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique 10% Discount Code 

If you fancy getting the bracelet or buying your friends and family Christmas presents I have a discount code for you.  Just use code Iheartcosmetics at the checkout to get 10% off all orders over 19 Euros. The code is valid until December 4th 2016.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you the statement necklace they also sent me when I wear it to a party later this month.

What are your favourite jewellery brands? Do you love rose gold too?

Leave me a comment and let me know!