The Best Luxury Hair Products

The Best Luxury Hair Products

The Best Luxury Hair Products

The Best Luxury Hair Products

£29 shampoo? A £40 deep conditioner? Yes, today I’m talking about Show Beauty, the indulgent and aesthetically covetable luxury hair styling range, created by Tamara Ecclestone.  They are the best products for shiny hair. That I have found so far anyway!  See my last post on them here.

A lot of people might see the price of the products and think “no way am I spending that much”. I totally understand, but some of the items are definitely worth the money for the quality and I’m going to tell you which ones.

What New Products Have Been Released?

The newly released products include a range of shampoo, conditioners and masks in either Volumising, Moisturising or Repair. There’s also a leave in conditioner and a body shimmer oil, the first non-hair care product in the range.

The Best Luxury Hair Products

Testing the Hair Products Out

I wash my hair once or twice a week when it’s a sweaty mess from the gym which can’t be hidden with dry shampoo. At this point the ends are dry and the roots are greasy.  So my hair products have their work cut out for them.

The Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – My Faves

Both are thick in consistency and very concentrated, you need to use much less product than with cheaper brands.  The shampoo cleanses hair without stripping its natural oils and there’s no residue left after rinsing.  The lather feels rich and creamy, covers the hair thoroughly and really gets out all grease, dirt and product build up.

The conditioner has the consistency of moisturiser. It’s a very concentrated product that you only need to apply from mid lengths to ends, to get super silky hair.  The ingredients are high quality and after blow drying my hair feels soft, smooth, silky and moisturised without being flat and lifeless.  It has a bounce that I normally have to use lots of mousse to achieve.


The Repair Mask and Leave in Conditioner – Second Faves

The Show Beauty Sublime Repair Mask has been sent from heaven! It’s a thick mask that will take your hair from looking like a scouring pad to a wag’s glossy mane.  If you have dry, coarse and damaged hair this will be a lifesaver.  With the consistency of a body butter it is very concentrated so you don’t need to use too much. You just need 1 big blob of this and that should be enough. Split ends look like they have been stuck back down and hair (and extensions) are back to their best.

The Show Beauty Riche leave in conditioner is a lovely product to use after the gym/swimming/holiday when you don’t have time to whack conditioner on, leave it and then rinse it off.  My hair is like a birds nest after swimming in the sea or pool and this totally fixes that.  Just 2 pumps goes a long way (less is definitely more).  After applying my brush glides through my hair when wet.  It leaves my hair silky smooth after drying with no sticky or oily feeling.  I use on the mid lengths and ends of my hair, not the roots and it looks perfect every time. I wouldn’t be without this on holiday now!


Show Beauty Allure Body Shimmer Oil – Honorable Mention

Show Beauty Allure Body Shimmer Oil is the first non-hair care product from the brand. And I can only hope for more products coming out in future (I want a bronzer)!  It looks amazing on the skin with a subtle shimmer that leaves you glowing.  One for Christmas parties summer nights abroad where you’re showing more skin than usual. Dab onto your collarbone or highlight your arms and legs to make them look healthy and smooth. You can even use this on your hair (very sparingly). Love this product!

Thoughts Overall

I’ve tried other luxe hair care products and Show is hands down my favourite. The packaging is gorgeous, the scent smells like a pricey perfume and the results speak for themselves. In my opinion they make the best luxury hair products.

Prices start from £29 and products are available at Lookfantastic Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods.  I personally recommend Lookfantastic as they give more offers and discounts than the others.

What are your favourite pricey products?

Products provided for review (other products provided too but these are the ones I recommend). Not sponsored.