Ferne Beauty Natural Glow Mousse Tan & 7 Fake Tan Hacks

Fern Beauty

Fern Beauty

Fern Beauty Natural Glow Mousse Tan & 7 Fake Tan Hacks 

If you’re in need of a new fake tan for the party season then there’s a new one out by Ferne Beauty.  Ferne Beauty has been created by former TOWIE star Ferne.

Maybe you’re off on holiday over the Christmas period or maybe you’ve just got some revealing party wear that needs to be complimented by some bronzed babe skin? I love a new fake tan brand and this is really good.

Ferne Beauty

Ferne Beauty fake tan products are available from Superdrug and amazingly, all 7 products are priced around the £15 mark.


Each product in the seven-strong line-up has been developed to give a natural finish with easy application. There are two variants of classic self-tan – Deep Glow and Natural Glow, both in lotion or mousse formats. There is also an  Express Lotion and Express Mousse in the range, to develop a tan  in 1-4 hours, depending on when you choose to wash the product off.

All products contain collagen, vitamin E, and argan oil extracts so it leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The scent is  fresh and fruity scent with pear, peony, and bergamot. I tried out the mousse which is fast drying, doesn’t streak or go sticky and is very even.   Below are pictures of me before and is a picture of me before

Below are pictures of me before and after using the Ferne Beauty Bronzing Glow Natural Mousse tan. Which is currently only £10.55 in Superdrug.

Jeez I look deathly pale in the before ones! I normally fake tan once or twice a week but I was really ill and then work was crazy so I haven’t had time for a few weeks. I feel back to myself again! Excuse the glazed expression, I can’t see a thing without my glasses on and was having trouble pressing the camera button.


Fake Tan Hacks

1. Hair removal

Wax 48 hours or shave at least 24 hours before tanning, this will give your skin a chance to calm down and the pores time to close. 

2. Prep your body

Exfoliate the day before you fake tan, and use an oil free moisturiser.  On the day of your tan don’t moisturise anywhere apart from knees, feet, ankles and wrists to help the tan blend in.

3.Avoid these skincare products

Do not wear perfume or deodorant the day  you fake tan, it can end up going green, and nobody wants that.

4. Don’t forget your ears

Use product you have left on your hands or mitt to blend over the ears otherwise, they are going to look weird AF. 

5. Avoid orange eyebrows

If you have blonde or fair brows, apply vaseline to your hairline and brows before fake tanning to act as a barrier. Orange eyebrows are going to look mental!

6. The Anti-Sweat Trick

If you sweat after a fake tan it can run and all go wrong. Dust some baby powder or similar in between boobs, under your arms and on the backs of your knees to avoid any dramas.

7. Shower power

Avoid baths and opt for showers instead. The less time spent soaking in water means the longer your fake tan will remain intact.

Do you prefer to fake tan at home or get a spray tan?