Ideal World Sell Beauty Products?

Ideal World Sell Beauty Products?

Ideal World Sell Beauty Products?

I’ve always known that you can buy beauty and skincare products from the online shopping channel QVC but never really considered Ideal World as a rival option.  I also had no idea that as well as the TV Channel Shopping Experience (simply called the Ideal World Channel) that you can also buy the beauty products online but it turns out you can do that too here.

What Kind of Beauty Products?

If you love makeup, nail products, hair products and skincare you need to check them out and see what goodies are available! I love trying out new products so when a package of some Ideal World beauty items arrived on my desk I was very excited to delve in and see what products were inside.

The Bloggers Box

I was sent a package called the blogger box which included some great products which you can buy from the Ideal World Website. They have quite a diverse range of products available and some are for a older or younger age group than I fit into, so I’ve decided to write about my top picks from what I was sent and hopefully you’ll find some gems you like too.

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Re-Inforce Firming Eye Pads £14.99 for 6 pairs

Each sachet contains 2 soothing gel eye pads that are designed to brighten, tighten, and de-puff the look of skin around the eyes in 15 minutes. I have used these type of gel pads before and have worked out to get the benefit you really need to keep them in the fridge as the cooling sensation will help increase the effectiveness of the ingredients and help reduce the look of puffiness. These are one of those temporary products to use before a party or after a terribly long day at work when your eyes are tired.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Gel Eyeliner Duo £26.99

This bargain duo saves you £11 compared to buying 2 separately from Estee Lauder and I believe just comes in black.

Double Wear products rarely disappoint, and this long-wearing gel eyeliner is no exception. The texture and lasting power are fantastic. The product is really creamy and glides on easily without clumping and it doesn’t set immediately so you can blend it, smoke it out or smudge it in.  Once it’s set it really lasts all day.

The Makeup Eraser 2 for £26.99

When I saw the Makeup Eraser was included in my package, I have to say, I was intrigued.  I had expected it to be for cleaning your makeup brushes but actually it’s a cloth that gets rid of your makeup, apparently with just water alone. It sounded like the miracle product for traveling. I googled it and saw many glowing reviews, so off to the bathroom I went to test it out.

The Makeup Eraser is a super-soft cloth, just add water, wipe your face a bit and that is it.  Your makeup comes off with ease and without the need for a million products. Would I use it over my traditional makeup removers on a daily basis? To be perfectly honest, no. I would save this for traveling when I don’t have enough room in my plastic liquids bag to take a cleansing balm.  I like to give myself a facial massage which I do when my cleansing balm is on.  If you are normally a makeup wipe obsessive then this will save you lots of money in the long run and I can’t wait to take it on my next jaunt abroad.

Light Up Mirror: Compact Mirror with LED Light

This light up mirror is a really clever idea, well made and so handy having the lights. Great for touching up your makeup or putting in/taking out your contact lenses on the go.  It’s small enough to fit into most handbags and has one side with a normal mirror and one with a magnifying mirror. I like the design but the pattern isn’t very trendy. JML could definitely make them look cooler so JML, if you’re taking suggestions, a matte rose gold or black one would be great additions!

What Else Can You Get?

There are so many products available from Ideal World, there’s designer perfume,  He-Shi tan and even salon brand Crystal Clear. Definitely go and check out the Ideal Website and see what other amazing brands and products they have to offer. Things come in and out of stock depending on which products they have been selling on the tv show each day so check back if something is currently out of stock as it should get back into stock fairly quickly.

Have you ever used a shopping channel?