Metallic Nails? Do Them Yourself With Semilac Flash Metallic

Semilac Metallic Flash

Semilac Flash Metallic

If there’s one beauty trend that took over Instagram in 2016 it was holographic nails.  Now the manicure trend has evolved, and you can get metallic powder as well as holographic.  You don’t just have to do it at a salon, it’s so cheap and easy to do yourself with Semilac Flash Metallic.

The manicure is really simple to do, you paint your nails with any colour of gel polish, rub the metallic powder into the sticky inhibition layer once the colour is cured and then top with the gel polish top coat. I applied the powder over the dark purple colour on the rest of my nails  just to show that the metallic powder will cover any colour.

Semilac Flash Metallic

Semilac Flash Metallic

Semilac Flash Metallic Powder

Many brands have these powders but mine is the Semilac Metallic Flash Powder £8.99 

I have written about Semilac before – link.  I have been loving this brand as the packaging and brush are such great quality.  The prices are so reasonable and the colours are gorgeous. This polish brand is killing the nail game this year and I bet they’ll be even bigger in 2017.

How To Use Semilac Flash Metallic

Prep your nails and start a gel polish manicure as normal. Base coat, cure, colour coat, cure, then another colour coat then cure.  Instead of using topcoat now, use a small brush or sponge to rub the powder gently over the sticky surface of each nail.  When each nail is covered, dust off the excess.  Then use a clear topcoat and cure.  Apply some nail oil to your cuticles. I have been using the

When each nail is covered, dust off the excess.  Then use a clear top coat and cure.  Apply some nail oil to your cuticles so they don’t look dry. I have been using the Semilac Tropical Nail Oil in Lemon – £4.99.

It’s as easy as that! This should then last about 2 weeks if you are careful with your nails.  This means using nail oil daily, wearing gloves for housework and not using your nails to pick and peel things.

Do you love the metallic and holographic nail trends?