Say No To Dark Shadows and Bleeding Lips


Hiding Dark Circles and Lip Lines

I recently got sent 2 new products from Know Cosmetics which are a new brand sold in Superdrug.



No Dark Shadows £15.00

The first is called No Dark Shadows which is a complexion enhancer designed to conceal dark circles under the eye area. It’s like a YSL Touche Eclat type product as it’s to use over your concealer, in a twit up pen. It is however, a lot cheaper.

I tried this as a primer before applying concealer and over the top of concealer. It works better for me used over the top of concealer, to really hide those dark shadows. Unlike some thick concealers that look cakey, the formulation is light and doesn’t draw attention to fine lines.

It’s available in two shades – Wow (rosy tone) and Pizazz (yellow tone), it’s really only good for pale skin but if that’s your skin tone, it is a pretty good product. The concealer is oil-free formula, waterproof and long lasting, so I usually pop on a bit of this and some mascara if I am going to the gym or corner shop. So I don’t terrify anyone!

I got better results using a small beauty blender or fingertip to blend in rather than with a brush. Is this a must-have? No, but if you have really dark circles like I do, or currently use the YSL pen. Then this is a very similar product, with slightly more coverage, for a lot price.



No Bleeding Lips £12.50

The second product is a clear lip liner that creates an invisible line around the lips. It stops your lipstick or gloss bleeding or feathering into the fine lines around your lips.

If you live in a warm country this product is going to automatically come out softer than if you’re in chilly England. I recommend warming this up on the back of your hand or blasting it with a hairdryer before using. If you warm it up slightly it will glide on easily and then dry exactly where you want it. If you use it like this it definitely works well and keeps lipstick on and in place for longer.  It also fills in your lip lines which improves the look.

If you don’t warm it up it will drag across your skin and possibly leave a reside. So remember to warm first!  I use it above my lip in all the creases, plus around the line of the entire top lip as I have no lines at the bottom.

I was really impressed with this liner,  it doesn’t look to exciting in the package, but gives great results. It has a waxy formula that provides a barrier so if you wear a lot of lip products and have lip lines then this is a must have.


I think I prefer the concealer as my dark circles bother me more than lipstick bleeding.  Often I just wear balm or a liquid lipstick which doesn’t budge. If you wear a lot of regular lipstick I would definitely recommend the No Bleeding Lips. It does work really well.

Products provided for free for review. Not sponsored.