Pixi Beauty Skincare Routine

Pixi Beauty Skincare Routine


For the Pixi-perfect skincare routine, I’ve got some brand new products and some repurchased products to share with you today. So if you want to know more about my Pixi Beauty Skincare Routine that I generally do before bed, then keep on reading so you can wake up to glowing skin too. 

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

£24.00 Link Here

First up is the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse! After reading so many of Caroline’s fab blog posts I was very excited to try this out.  The pot houses two separate cleansers, one solid oil, and one cream cleanser. You massage the solid oil cleanser into dry skin, wipe clean with a warm flannel and then repeat with the cream cleanser.

This product is amazing! It saves so much time having two cleansers in one pot for fool-proof removal of makeup, dirt, and pollution at the end of a long day. It contains vitamin C, arginine and a peptide complex which combines to promote collagen, encourage cell renewal and diminish the look of fine lines.

I love that it’s unscented, both cleansers are non-irritating and very gentle and my makeup is gone in a flash. My Emma Hardie Moringa Balm cleanser is a 10/10 and this would come a close 9.5/10. Extra plus point being it’s also a lot cheaper.

Pixi Glow Mist

£16.00 Link Here

Another addition to my Pixi Beauty Skincare Routine is this multi-purpose mist after my makeup, I love using it in place of a toner. On days when an acid toner would be too harsh spritzing over Pixi’s Glow Mist is the perfect replacement.

Pixi’s Glow Mist is enriched with 13 natural oils, hydrating propolis and soothing aloe vera. Instantly refreshing and cooling this relieves redness and irritation while replenishing moisture so it’s perfect for using the evening after an IPL or dermal roller treatment. Just shake the bottle then spritz over clean skin for a radiance boost.

Pixi Skin Treats Rose Oil Blend

£26.00 Link Here

This rather thick facial oil is a blend of sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate, rose and geranium. It absorbs quickly but you either only need the tiniest bit if using alone, or add 2 drops into your moisturiser.  The blend of oils aid skin’s elasticity and nourish the complexion, leaving it comforted & smooth to the touch.

Not only does this give the skin a real drench of hydration and smell gorgeous, you can also add 1 drop to your foundation if you are finding it too drying to make it a more hydrating and glowy one!


Pixi Skin Treats Beauty Sleep Cream

£24.00 Link Here

Finally, the last product which I either use the oil or mix with the oil is the Beauty Sleep Cream. This fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich night cream helps to protect, nourish, and hydrate skin while you sleep. It contains natural mango butter which is a great source of antioxidants and Vitamin A, one of the natural ingredients that encourages a revitalized, glowing look. It also contains bergamot oil, which is great for sensitive skin.

So as much as I like to chop and change with skincare when I want glowing, hydrated skin if I look dry, dull and lacklustre, this is my go-to Pixi Beauty Skincare routine.

Have you tried Pixi skincare? What did you think?

Double Cleanse and Glow Mist provided for free to review. Rose Oil and Beauty Sleep cream purchased by me. I have received 1 of each of these in the past for free to review however have used up and repurchased these 2 myself.