Are You A Sexy Motherpucker? Review of the Pillow Plump Gloss


Sexy Motherpucker pillow plump XXL Gloss
Yes it’s round the wrong way. I am a fail with or without my glasses lol!

Are You A Sexy Motherpucker?

Review of Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL

Sexy Motherpucker, what a name! As cheaper beauty brands go, Soap and Glory is one of my faves. Specifically their Sexy Motherpucker lip products. That name though, it’s so funny! They work really well, come in great colours and they make your lips look full and juicy. Looking back I realise I have been using them for SEVEN YEARS! Here’s an old school 2010 review.

Are You A Sexy Motherpucker?

Love A New Gloss

The Sexy Mother Pucker line has a new gloss called the Pillow Plump XXL lip plumping gloss which apparently features LIPSWELL natural flower oil infusion 🙄. Why do they make up these fake technology names? It irritates your lips to make them tingle, blood to go to the area and that plumps the lips. Nothing crazy! They are the best lip plumping glosses you can buy in Boots in my opinion, they always work for me. I tried to take a picture (above) and as you can see the correlation between me not wearing my glasses and the gloss being back to front is quite fitting!

Smells Like?

It smells like cocoa butter (yum) and this one comes in a squeezy tube with a plastic tip which is much easier to use and more sanitary. It also makes it feel like you get more product although to be honest I am not sure whether you do or not. The gloss formula is very moisturising, and the texture is not too thick and gloopy it’s a perfect consistency so lips are left lustrous, moisturised, and perfectly plumped!

Swatch and Plump

I have the shade Nude in town but there’s a pinky red, a pale pink, a peach and a clear gloss and they each cost £10 from Boots.

I’ve seen mixed reviews on these but I think the fact I have been using them on and off for 7 years is a good indication that they are good products and as long as you aren’t expecting a miracle that only lip injections could provide and just a bit of a subtle lip plump, then I’m sure you’ll love them too. I would give them a 9/10.


What’s your favourite Soap and Glory Product?