Molton Brown Patisserie Parlour Gourmand Collection

Molton Brown Patisserie Parlour Gourmand Collection

Molton Brown Patisserie Parlour

Gourmand Collection

Spring seems to be well on its way finally! I love this time of year because all the brands start launching pretty new spring products. I normally associate Molton Brown with winter products and gifts.  However, their new and Limited Edition Patisserie Parlour Gourmand Collection for Spring is by far my favourite range the brand have ever come out with.

Milton Brown Patisserie Parlour Gourmand Collection

The Range

The Patisserie Parlour range consists of 3 gourmand scents: Comice Pear & Wild Honey, Exquisite Vanilla and Violet Flower, and Delicious Rhubarb and Rose. I love foodie scents and the imagery that goes along with the campaign is beautiful. This is definitely my favourite Molton Brown release in a long time.  And long may they continue with a marble flat lay!

Exquisite Vanilla & Violet Flower

I have 2 items to review from the exquisite vanilla and violet flower range. This sumptuous fragrance opens on fresh violet leaf and dewy freesia tones. The scent of violet in the products is magnified by a rich bouquet of orris and rose.  Layered with swirls of vanilla take the lead on a bed of tonka and musk. 

I love the contrast between the creamy Madagascan vanilla and the delicate fragrance of violet, very much like a parma violet éclair scent.

The Products

I am a sucker for candles and the scent alongside the adorable packaging of the exquisite vanilla & violet flower candle mean it’s definitely a favourite item for me.  The shower gel smells similarly amazing and is the perfect spring refresher and one that would be great in your gym bag to perk you up after a sweaty pt session or class.


The stunning Exquisite Vanilla & Violet Flower items and other scents in the Gourmand Collection includes the Fine Liquid Hand Wash (£18), Hand Lotion (£23), Hand Cream (£10), Bath and Shower Gel (£20) and Candle (£36) gift sets are available from Molton Brown now.

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Items provided for review. Not a sponsored post.