Skinny Tan Express Mousse Review

Skinny Tan Express Mousse Review


Skinny Tan Express Mousse Review

I have very pale skin. And I love a tan. If you’ve read any of my other posts they do generally tend to be about either skincare or my quest to be more tanned. I have an addiction ok? If you’ve not read any before then hello, I am Sarah, I am addicted to fake tan and I’m not sorry about that. My natural skin is generally -1 on any foundation shade available and even with tan it’s often only the 3rd-4th lightest shade available. I just can’t deal with being that pale everyone asks if you are ill!

New Tan Technology

I’ve fast become a fan of the new style of rapid tanners that only take 1-4 hours to develop. Mostly because, and this ain’t no secret, I am a bit lazy and don’t want to keep having to bleach wash all of my white sheets as it’s just so much effort.

Skinny Tan?

Skinny Tan  has caught my eye in Superdrug before, mostly because of the name. I thought, how on earth could a fake tan make you skinny? But it’s called Skinny Tan because they promise to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite! So never fear, they have not gone mad and are not trying to say their tan will make you lose weight.

Introducing the Skinny Tan 1-hour express tanning mousse.   The tan that puts you in charge of your level.  With an instant bronzer that goes on easily and has a gorgeous coconut smell so you can wear it right out the door. This is perfect for those like me who always rushing about and hate sleeping in fake tan. You can leave it for just 1 hour to develop into a light tan or leave it longer to go darker.  You choose. All the Skinny Tan goodness just darker or faster

Cruelty Free?

Skinny Tan, you will be pleased to know, are a vegan and cruelty-free brand, using natural tanning actives with smoothing organic oils and firming guarana which are tested on humans, not animals.

Tell Me More About the Rapid Tan!

The Express Mousse is a brand new product in their range. Just apply with a mitt and leave for just 1 hour for a light tan, medium in 2-3, or you can leave it on overnight or the whole day to go dark. I tried leaving it for 2 hours and 8 hours so you can see the differing results.


Shower, exfoliate and pop a bit of oil free moisturiser on the palms of hands and heels/elbows for easier blending.  Then grab the Dual Tanning Mitt.

Shake the tan bottle and pump out some Express Mousse directly on the mitt and rub into the body either in long sweeping strokes or circular motion. Whatever works for you. The mitt is velvety and gives a really smooth application. If you want to use the mitt for your face you can, or you could buff in the tan with a foundation brush which is really easy.

If you need to do your back I have just seen on their website they now sell a bloody amazing roller applicator, what a genius idea! Going to run to the shops on the way home and get one! Buy The Tan Roller Applicator Here

The Results

Both times the rinse off did give quite a lot of colour guide coming off, not that that makes a lot of difference. Just maybe make sure you’ve got the shower door closed properly so you don’t spash any tan water around your bathroom….I didn’t do that ..obviously (oops).

The results after 2 hours were perfect, a nice golden glow with no streaks.  The second time I tried it out and left it on for longer the results were similarly non-streaky but quite a dark golden brown.

Overall Impression

The tan lasts me a week and fades gradually without cracking or getting overly dry.  I was impressed with the colour guide, the final colour, the smell and the easy application. I’d quite like to try a different product in the range for facial tanning as my skin is crazily sensitive and it did feel quite dry for a few days after on the face.  On the cellulite front, being honest I think it only marginally makes a difference, although I suppose any minimisation of cellulite, however small, is something to be celebrated! Would I purchase a bottle myself? Absolutely and I am off after work to pick up that roller so my back can finally match my front!

Products used:

Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt – £5.99 Superdrug

Skinny Tan Express Mousse – £27.99 Superdrug


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