Empties and Quick Reviews 4

Empties and Quick Reviews 4

Empties and Quick Reviews 4

It’s taken me ages to write this up. Mostly because the pictures came out terrible. But I had already thrown everything away so I wasn’t sure what to do. But oh well. Let’s just pretend this is a flashback to 2013 Iheartcosmetics for a minute. Here is what I used up in the last two months, and my quick reviews on each one.


Dirty Works That Fiji Feeling Coconut Body Wash £2.50

This is a super low price and decent quality shower gel. It smells great, like a holiday coconut sun cream scent. I found it great for the gym because it is quite a strong scent so if you’ve been sweating out at the gym it’s a good one to keep in the gym bag to get rid of any nasty smells. I’ve obviously tried better shower gels but it’s great for the price and a good one for the gym back or travelling just in case something happens to it so you haven’t lost anything.

Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo £3.99

This is my favourite out of all of the Batiste dry shampoo’s.  It does work to give a pretty good amount of root volume and is good to absorb sweat if you want to be lazy like me and not wash your hair after the gym! Shh don’t tell anyone that, I like to give off the impression I’m someone who actually doesn’t have stinky hair hee hee. It does give you that dusty white/grey hair look but most of them do and this is cheap and cheerful and you can just brush the grey stuff out anyway, not a big deal.

Beauty Blender Cleanser

I couldn’t even think of giving a link to this in case you disagreed with me and tried to buy it. No no no! The most ripoff ‘cleaning’ thing ever. It is complete and utter rubbish. A poundland handwash is basically the same thing. I don’t know why I bought it. I suggest you don’t waste your time or money either!

Hylamide High-Efficiency Cleanser  £19.00

This is one of the best make up removing cleansers I have ever tried. It removes makeup in seconds and despite the fact that I have sensitive skin it does not sting  at all and it works amazingly well. I have been recommending this for months to friends and everyone I’ve suggested it to that did buy it is really impressed. You will need to use a second cleanser or a toner after this though to remove the residue as it is a sort of oily texture (but not like other oils… it’s an interesting texture). It sort of feels like water to rub into the face, but then oil once you’ve rubbed it in. It’s a bit confusing.  I think it’s a great product for the price and I will definitely purchase in the future when I have used up some of my other cleansers. And when it stops being out of stock every time I check!

Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub £7.99

I had to buy this scrub as the usual one from this brand that I’ve mentioned in a past empties with argan oil only seems to be available in winter. I do like this scrub but it’s not as good as the other one so I would prefer to wait until the old one is back in stock rather than repurchase this one. Also, RRP is £7.99. Sod that, wait until it is on offer for sure. Normally it is £3 ish when it’s on offer which is good value and it does the job but the scent isn’t my favourite and it’s not as scrubby as the other version.

Beauty Works Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan Mask 

I wash my hair once a week and use the Beauty works shampoo, conditioner and mask every single time. It’s best if you have hair extensions to use the sulfate free version and I repurchase all three as soon as they run out and I buy the sulfate free ones as it’s better for your hair. I love them. They are reasonably priced for professional products (all under £15 each). They smell great and they give great results. Put it this way, they put Kerastase to shame. Love!

Korres Santorini Vine Shower Gel £6.40 (for 2 bottles)

This is one of my all time favourite shower gels. I have already bought a new one in this scent and I will probably keep purchasing again and again whenever it runs out as it’s amazing. It’s great for the skin, great if you’re sensitive and the smell is a-mazing. I really love this and will buy gift sets in this scent if I don’t know someone too well but want to get them a gift, and it’s good for men and women. Love love love. A must have.

Madame Lala Tan £30.00

I really did enjoy using this fake tan. I thought it was worth £30 and I like the colour. It isn’t orange just a nice tan colour. You don’t need to use too much at all, so it lasts for a good few applications. If you apply just the right amount you should come out a lovely colour with this. Probably would repurchase but might see if they have a spray tan liquid. Although I looked at my spray tan filter the other day and I need potentially a new machine or a new filter, it’s looking like it’s past it!

PurOrganica Vitamin C Serum for Face – Premium 20% Vitamin C

I used it up and went to repurchase and it’s disappeared! I am not too sure what to do now… It really did brighten my skin. Very mysterious! If anyone knows where to get any let me know!

Dove Nourishing Care in Shower Argan Oil £4.99

Unfortunately, this is one of the rare Dove products that doesn’t work for me. It didn’t clean my skin which is the main problem -after the gym I would use it and I would still smell sweaty which is not what I want, I’m pretty sure that’s not what anyone wants, so no I would not recommend this or repurchase it.

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted Body Lotion currently £2.89

Unlike the previous product, I absolutely love this Dove body lotion. It sinks in quickly it leaves your skin really smooth. I really like the packaging and the scent of the product. It’s reasonably priced and easy to get during your weekly shop as it’s often sold in the supermarket so it’s super handy. All in all, this is a definite repurchase.

This Works In Transit Spray on Moisture £18.00

This facial mist is designed to be used when you are on a plane to rehydrate your skin. I quite like the spray but I do wish that the spray head would stop getting clogged up I don’t know why this happens but it is kind of annoying. If it was in an aerosol can I would definitely repurchase.

YES to Carrots Daily Facial Moisturiser £9.99

This is a very good basic moisture lotion. It was all I could use after I had shingles on my face as everything else I had made it burn even when the shingles was basically gone. It’s basic but it does hydrate the skin in a very gentle way so if you have sensitive skin you should be fine with this. It’s great if your skin is freaking out and you just need something simple to hydrate your skin without it causing any skin dramas.

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer £20.00

This concealer is awesome. I had this concealer in light which was the perfect shade. Managed to use it all up which is quite rare for me with any make up. I can’t work out if I prefer this or the urban decay naked concealer but this gets a 9.5/10 as it is pretty damn good and I would repurchase 100% but got the Naked concealer cheaper at the airport.

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Dark Blonde £9.99

Easily the worst hair product I think I’ve ever used.  You are supposed to spray onto your roots to hide them so you can delay getting your hair coloured. I bought the one for dark blonde hair and it was beigey orange. I then had to go to work with beige/orange roots and blonde hair. Not only did I use it once before throwing in the bag to take pictures for this post. I sorely debated taking it out just for the satisfaction of throwing it in the actual bin. Do not recommend, unless you like throwing £10 down the drain obvs.

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm £18.00

I did like this enough to use the entire pot however if they did a full-size pot of the oil cleanser that is currently used as half of the other product called double cleanse they do then I would prefer to buy that. However,  they don’t do that at the moment I don’t think. I think it’s good for the price but wouldn’t repurchase as there are a lot of better cleansing balms out there, which are indeed more expensive, but I would personally rather pay more and get a better product at this point. In the past when I haven’t been able to always afford to buy my preferred cleanser, this works well so if you’re in the same boat it’s a good one to go for if £30-40 on a cleanser is out of your range.

Ferne Beauty Fake Tan Mousse £13.60

This fake tan is really good and I will probably repurchase at some point. I also found the website linked above where it’s pretty cheap compared to the RRP, so hope that saves someone some cash. I like the colour, the longevity of the tan, the smell, the packaging and the wear-off. All in all a pretty damn good tan!

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream £24.00

This is a really nice night time moisturiser for those with a very dry and or dehydrated skin. It has a silky, lightweight formula and it smells a bit like mango. Which I appreciate. It’s not a super hi-tech anti-ageing moisturiser but it’s good for when your skin is dry and dehydrated. If you’ve been doing things like peels or laser in recent times and want to stick with more simple skincare or if you have eczema it seems to work well with that too. Which is nice. I think it would be too heavy for oily skin personally. Probably would repurchase in the height of summer as it would be good for after a holiday.

So those are the last two months empties.

What have you used up recently?