HB London Monogram Marble IPhone Case

HB London Monogram Marble IPhone Case

HB London Monogram Marble iPhone Case

Calling all bloggers…. or just other lovers of marble who have been subtly brainwashed by our bizarre marble obsession. I have found the perfect iPhone case that is not only great quality, monogrammed but marble too! Normally, I don’t talk technology or iPhone cases etc. on the blog but I am fully in love with this case and it’s so pretty I thought other people might like them too as I keep getting asked in person where it’s from.

I bought my HB London marble iPhone case the day I ordered my new phone as I was adamant I was going to look after this one. We do not speak of the wine vs phone disaster of 2016.   The HB London cases are, in my opinion, the most fashionable ones available right now.

About HB London

HB LONDON is the online home of personalised luxury lifestyle accessories designed and created by Chloé Janina Priestman.  Luxury, quality and colourful sophistication are the hallmarks and epitome of the brand. A lot of celebrities seem to have their cases but the reason I got one is because I saw Victoria Beckham had one and I thought it was really classic and handy to have the monogram as I am always leaving my phone in random places around the office.

Other Items HB London Sell

Alongside many different styles of monogram phone cases in both plain and marble styles they also sell a few other monogram accessories including keyrings, clutch bags, card holders, purses and travel document holders all in classic colours in saffiano leather. They are really good quality and look much more expensive than they are.


Prices for the plastic iPhone cases £34

Price for the monogram keyring – £39

Price for the cardholders – £55

Quality of the Cases 

Now £34 for a phone case might seem a lot if you normally get one from Ebay or Amazon, I realise. However, I am not someone who buys a lot of cases. I have one that I use all of the time and one backup just in case the case chips or breaks so I don’t have to have a phone with no case at any point just because I am a clumsy mess.

This HB London case is much better quality than any cheap case I have ever bought. It seems thicker and better quality than my Skinnydip case too (which I do also love as it’s my backup). I also feel more professional using this at work than my peach emoji one!

Let me know where you get your iPhone cases, cheap or expensive!