Nip + Fab Makeup First Impressions

Nip + Fab Makeup First Impressions

Nip + Fab Makeup First Impressions

I’m walking down the strand, I need some tissues, I go to Superdrug. Inevitably I then leave with all of the above Nip and Fab makeup as well as my pack of tissues. Is this just me?  I’d never seen it in person so I went INNNN. Oops!

Nip + Fab Makeup 

The packaging is very simple and monochrome which I like.  The foundation is in a squeezy bottle and the concealer in a squeeze tube with a brush applicator like the YSL touche éclat brush. The liquid matte lip colour packaging is similar to the Kylie ones and the lip liners are the twist up ones with an inbuilt sharpener.
Prices range from £5.95 to £15.00, so similar to your regular Superdrug brands like L’Oreal. They had lots of nice things but powder products can sometimes be a bit dodgy from cheaper brands so I didn’t grab any of the palettes as I hadn’t read any reviews. So here are my mini reviews of each of the products I bought.
Foundation left (2nd lightest shade), Concealer right (lightest shade)

Makeup Concealer £8.95

The formula is quite thick but doesn’t really cover as much as I would need it to and the shades are quite peach toned or beige toned, nothing that neutral I found. It does need quite a bit of blending and would really need to be used with a full coverage foundation to ensure that nothing shows through. I like the packaging but not so much the product.

I bought this as it seemed like an interesting idea like one of Mac’s water sprays. The problem with it is that it sprays out like a jet! It’s definitely not a fine mist at all and will legitimately make your face wet if you spray directly at your face.  The only way I have found to make it work is to spray it from an arms length away. It also helps to spray it up a bit and let it fall down onto your face. For the price however that’s really annoying to have to work out a plan on how to use it! So I’ve just been using it to wet my beauty blender to apply my foundation and yes I do like it for that purpose but probably wouldn’t repurchase due to the packaging.

NIP+FAB Make Up Foundation £12.95

I’m a foundation junkie so this just mysteriously ended up in the basket. I have been impressed (and not been allergic to) Nip and Fab’s skincare before so I figured it would work ok. I was actually quite impressed with the foundation, it’s medium coverage and buildable but one layer is perfect for me. It doesn’t go cakey (although I do apply with a damp beauty blender so that probably helps) and with HD powder on top, it does give a flawless finish if you don’t have many blemishes. It also lasts all day long, bonus!

From top to bottom: Cake, Fudge, Caramel

NIP+FAB Make Up Lip Liner £5.95 

Ok here we go, these are what I’m here for. I love a good nude lipliner and basically, all of the Nip and Fab ones are nudes. The automatic lip liners can apparently be a bit hard (I heard from a friend on Instagram). However in this heat, in my eco-friendly insulated apartment (sweatbox) they work fine for me! Or just warm them a bit in your hand or rub on the back of your hand first if you have an issue.

For me, these line so well, last for ages, are creamy and I love the colours. I have 3 shades, I just accidentally bought the same one twice, which is why there are four in the top picture.  Oops! They are highly-pigmented with a smooth velvet finish, allowing you to line, fill and define. Swatches above are Cake, Fudge and Caramel.

Marshmallow Left, Pink Lemonade Right

NIP+FAB Make Up Matte Liquid Lipstick £7.95

I’m a liquid lipstick convert, which took a while as I’ve been the glossy lips queen for years. But I fell in love with them this year finally. These ones from Nip + Fab are great! They dry down to matte quickly and are well pigmented. They don’t leave your lips as dry as some other brands and the shade selection is perfect for the nude lover as it’s basically just a range of 10 nudes to suit every skin tone. I like the applicator and I think they are a reasonable price. They also match perfectly with the lip liners. Pictures above are of shades Marshmallow and Pink Lemonade.

NIP+FAB Make Up Mascara £9.95

I wouldn’t have bought this as I’m a high-end mascara snob tbh but I got this in the black and white bag pictured above as a gift with purchase. It’s quite basic but it is a nice mascara. It does give a bit of volume and a bit of length so it’s fine for me to use every day for work, and I don’t dislike it and I will use it up before I throw away. But not something I would repurchase.


There are some great products in the Nip + Fab Makeup range and a few misses or just average things. Which is probably true for most brands. I would personally recommend giving the lip products a look as they are really nice if you are a nude lippie lover like me.