Face Rehab with the BeGlow Tia

Face Rehab with the BeGlow Tia  

The last 18 months of my life had left me feeling and looking like that grey old bra that started off white and now lives in the back of your chest of drawers and you have to remember not to wear it when you go on a date. Last month I was just about done with pretty much everyone and everything, and looking in the mirror made me feel really down about my life since the exhaustion I felt was clearly apparent from my face. So let that preface this review, because if you feel the same this device could well help you out if you already have a pretty good skincare routine that still doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

And Then! 

I was sent a BeGlow device, the Tia which is a sonic-cleansing and anti-ageing device with a detachable, replaceable silicone head. Needless to say, I love it (otherwise I wouldn’t be mentioning it)!

Other Facial Brushes and Cleansers

I’ve dabbled in the Clarisonic life (but felt like my face was being sanded), and had debated the Foreo but not been sure if you would have to throw it away after a while and buy an entirely new one.

BeGlow Tia 

The BeGlow Tia combines both hygiene and cleansing as it has a replaceable silicone brush head which provides a hygienic cleansing experience with silicone rubber ‘bristles’ and sonic technology that gets all of the sebum and dead skin off of your face and ready to be wiped off with a damp flannel. 

Despite being sceptical to start with I’ve found it really does give a gentle but deep-cleansing experience, turbo charging whichever normal facial cleanser you use. My skin looks much better than if I just massage cleanser in and then remove it with a flannel alone and I use it for about a minute both morning and night so it doesn’t add much time to your routine. 

It’s waterproof so you can even use it in the shower – thankfully without it flying out of your hand due to the bow/dog-bone style shape which is easy to grip on to. Just slap on your cleanser then massage it for a minute or so with this lil gem. 

Cleansing Your Face

The frequency of the Tia in cleansing mode is lower than other devices I have tried, which enables twice daily cleansing without causing your skin any issues or irritation.  If you have sensitive skin, older skin or just use quite a lot of strong skincare products then this the skincare device for you.

The silicone brushes on the removeable head gently remove sebum and dead skin and work with your regular cleanser to power up your routine. The device uses SkinSense technology. Now I won’t lie, I did have to research what on earth this meant!  In case you also didn’t know, it means that the device adapts the sonic frequency that it works at to your face  upon contact and increases its intensity naturally.  I have honestly loved using the Tia and my skin is clearer and smoother, I specifically think it helps with nose and chin congestion for me, as I guess I didn’t pay as much attention to those areas before (oops).

Anti Ageing and Facial Toning

There are two anti-ageing ways that the Tia works. Firstly you can use the titanium head on the other end of the brush to soothe, de-puff and work all of your fancy skincare and masks into the skin and secondly you can use it as a facial toner, think slendertone ab belt but for your double chin!

You can switch from cleansing mode to anti ageing mode easily on the Tia and this is the frequency you use when you are using the titanium side of the brush. The higher frequency pulsations boost your circulation which can either be done alone after cleansing or just any time you want to work skincare such as serums or masks into your skin. Another tip if you have puffy skin is to put your Tia into the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before use (not too long) and then use the titanium side, the coolness will help to de-puff the skin.

Squeeze and Tone 

Another function of the Tia works your facial muscles so can be used under the chin or around the face in places which are detailed on the website and instruction manual to tone. Use it upside down under the chin, along the jawline or to contour your cheeks to exercise your facial muscles in a similar way to how you would use one of those electrical pulsed ab belts to tone your “six pack”.  I haven’t used this as much as the other two functions as my addiction to facial…procedures…. has kind of given me the look I go for anyway, but I will definitely be using it on the old double chin to see if that does work for me.

Why Do I Like It?

This product is unlike any other sonic cleansing brush I have tried. I love that it has multiple functions, that the head is replaceable for hygiene and that the size is perfect for travelling. I haven’t had to charge it yet so the battery has good functionality and it is so gentle it doesn’t irritate my skin. My favourite thing is that it is waterproof so you can even use it in the shower when you are in a rush.

Final Thoughts 

Overall I have definitely noticed more positive benefits to using the BeGlow Tia than with any other facial cleansing devices I have used with none of the downsides, so I really believe if you are looking to upgrade your skincare routine and invest in a skincare device, this is the one you should consider (if the price is suitable for your budget) becuase it gives great results with no downsides.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! The Tia can be purchased for £199 from Lookfantastic.   BeGlow also have another device with just the silicone cleansing brush if you prefer not to have the toning part too. You can check out their website by clicking this.