Beau Belle Marble Makeup Brush Set Review

Beau Belle Marble Makeup Brush Set Review

Beau Belle Marble Makeup Brushes And Travel Case 

Guess who’s back with a Beau Belle Marble Makeup Brush Set Review! Yes it’s me. Finally. I’ve missed blogging and reviewing but really I’ve just missed writing and having an outlet to get my thoughts somehow out into the universe. So here I am, trying to get back into the swing of things.


A review it is today and I won’t lie, I feel a bit rusty! I got sent the Beau Belle Makeup Brush Kit a month or two ago, which has given me a good amount of time to test it out. It’s a ten piece silver makeup brush set with a matching marble case/container. So, I gave it a spin.

Beau Belle Marble Makeup Brush Set Review

Pot or Case?

I’m not sure if the marble pot the brushes come in is supposed to be a travel case but that’s what it seems like, a case with a lid that you can pop in your suitcase and not cover your entire makeup bag with makeup from your dirty brushes.

That was enough to have me sold, despite being the worlds worst travel blogger and not having been away on holiday for nearly a year. Which is not my choice, obviously. But I digress, the travel case sounded like something I would definitely use, should I ever be unchained from my desk at a time my friends can also go on holiday.

Beau Belle Makeup Brushes 

I hadn’t heard of the Beau Belle brand prior to being emailed the press release so I looked into them and they appear to be sold via their website, a few other beauty websites and also some different coloured versions were available on Amazon, although I couldn’t find the marble one.


The Cost 

The Beau Belle brush set costs £49.95 and contains 10 brushes, so that works out I’d say about £9.96 for the pot and £39.99 for 10 brushes (which is £3.90 per brush give or take). You also get a discount code the first time you go to their website for 15% off your first order. I did initially think that was a bit of a steep price but then you do also get the brush case, which is sturdy and good for slinging in your bag or suitcase for travelling or keeping your brushes in on your vanity. So while it’s not a super cheap price point, but I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive.

What The Beau Belle Marble Makeup Kit Contains

The set contains 10 makeup brushes for face and eyes and the brushes are synthetic and therefore cruelty free.  Each brush is designed with a groove in the handle giving you maximum precision and control.


•B4 – Powder Brush

•B5 – Stippling Brush

•B6 – Angled Contour Brush

•B7 – Foundation Brush

•C3 – Angled Shading Brush

•C4 – Blending Brush

•C6 – Shader Brush

•C8 – Tapered Blending Brush

•E1 – Setting Brush

•E2 – Fan Brush

My Thoughts On The Brushes

I did enjoy most of the brushes in this kit overall. The quality of the brush holder is good, it’s sturdy and well made and the stitching has no loose threads, it’s got a nice weight to it and holds brushes well either clipped together as one case or used separately as two brush pots. You could also fit more brushes than the ones in the kit in the holder so I’d want a proper contour brush and slanted eyebrow brush to travel with as well and ones I already have also fit in the case.

The Brushes I Like

The B4 powder brush has very soft bristles and they are packed well enough to get a good amount of powder on the brush. The E1 setting brush was far more effective in my opinion as a foundation brush and whilst it was quite hard to clean, it did give a well blended finish when used to apply foundation and blend concealer.

The E2 fan brush was a good standard fan brush, it worked really well for highlighter and actually was pretty good for cheek contour as well. The B6 angled contour brush was a bit confusing to me as it’s too big and loosely packed to be a contour brush for me. To me I would have named it a slanted blusher brush. As a slanted blusher brush it’s pretty good, especially for all of the blushes that I have that are too pigmented for me as this is white and you can judge how much pigment you’ve got on the brush so you don’t end up looking like aunt Sally with too much bluher on.

The C4 and C8 were pretty similar, both applied eyeshadow well and blended nicely, again C3 was also very similar, soft hair, good blendability and pigment pick up but the C3 is slanted and the others aren’t.

What I Didn’t Like As Much

There wasn’t too much I wasn’t a fan of, overall the weight of the brushes could have been better but the only brush I really wasn’t a fan of was the B7 foundation brush. I feel like these days most people would use a flat topped buffing brush rather than an old school flat paintbrush style foundation brush, because after you have painted the foundation on you still need to buff or blend it in, whereas with a flat top brush or sponge you do both of those things at once, saving quite a bit of time.

And There We Go! 

I have more posts coming soon, and at some point I will be able to write about why I wasn’t blogging and about some exciting plans for 2018 I have in the works. But all in good time.

Where to Find Beau Belle

Their Instagram account is here and their website is here.