Young LDN Notting Hill – The 40 – Facial Review

Young LDN Facial Review

Young LDN Notting Hill – The 40 Facial Review

Last month I popped along to a Young LDN pop up in House Fraser, Oxford Street, to try out one of the facials.

The main Young LDN beauty salon is at 228 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London.  As someone from South London, it was really handy to go and try one of their facials in a more central location.

I hope they do another pop up in the summer as I definitely want to go back and have another facial.  If you’re not one to read a full review, the pictures say it all, my skin was glowing after 40 minutes.

What is Young LDN?

Young LDN is a new salon based at 228 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London.

The Young LDN journey started when founder Sue was looking for a beauty salon where her teenagers could learn to look after their skin.  Sue wanted to create a place that was teenager friendly environment where acne could be treated and controlled and so the idea of Young LDN was born.

As things evolved, Young LDN became a one stop shop. A place where sensitive skin issues could be treated, but also where you can get all sort of treatments from facials to makeup to botox,  all under one roof.

Young LDN Facial Review

The 40 Facial 

At the Facial Bar, customers can choose from a range of Young LDN’s specialist Facial Bar treatments.  I tried out ‘The 40’.

The 40 would be the perfect treatment for busy professionals.  You can fit into your lunch break as it takes just 40 minutes.

The 40 incorporates a consultation, cleansing, a light peel, a facial massage with cryoballs with the addition of express LED technology.  This helps boost collagen and elastin, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Blue or Yellow led light therapy is provided depending on skin type.  As  I have psoriasis the healing yellow light was used.

How Was The Treatment?

I found the treatment not only left my skin glowing and bright, it was very relaxing.  The peel they used was very gentle and got rid of all my dead skin.  The addition of the cooling facial massage with the cryoballs afterward was very soothing and de-puffing.  My skin can get very puffy, especially when I am having a psoriasis episode.

If you’ve never heard of a cryoball, which I hadn’t, it is a stainless steel ball filled with liquid which is kept frozen before use.  Once frozen, the Cryoball causes vasoconstriction and cry-microcirculation.  This helps to brighten dull complexions, de-puff your face and dramatically reduce heat.

Over time, this decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boosts collagen, and de-puffs.

If you have psoriasis, or generally get a puffy face, you can purchase your own cryoball. I am quite tempted to get one.   It definitely works quickly and apparently it’s easy to do at home.  You can purchase them from Young LDN Cryoball for £90.00.  Other brands can cost up to £300!

LED Light Therapy

Yellow LED light reduces redness and wrinkle-causing inflammation while boosting circulation. It works by stimulating the rejuvenation process within your cells to improve the density of your skin.  It’s also great for psoriasis and eczema sufferers.

Nearing the end of your facial you are given protective glasses to wear and then sat under the LED light for around 20-30 minutes.  During this time I was given a lovely hand and arm massage. Bearing in mind one of my favourite things in life is a hand massage, I was very happy! I just find it so relaxing.

Further Information

For more information about future pop up’s visit Young LDN House of Fraser

You can visit the Young LDN beauty salon here:

Notting Hill.  228 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 2RH

To view their main website and book an appointment go to


Young LDN 40 Facial treatment was a free / gifted facial in exchange for social media exposure. I was not specifically asked for a blog post review. I was not paid for this review. #gifted (can you tell the ASA rules are confusing me)?!