My Spray Tan Training

So I did it!  Today I completed my spray tan training with Alison who trains for Tantrick who make spray tanning solutions for professionals and it was brilliant!  I was honestly so nervous when I was driving over to Beauty Denn but both Alison and her clients/tanning models all put me at ease and everyone was so lovely to me.

First of all we went over health and safety and all aspects of tanning, how the DHA works and all the problems that might happen or reasons to refuse to tan someone.  Then we moved on to the machine, how to use it and how to care for it and clean it.  Finally, before the practical part we ran through what to do before, during and after you tan people and how to market your tanning business. 

Next I did a test and finally it was time to let me loose and tan one of her clients.  I was very nervous and hoped I wouldn’t make the poor woman  look stripy! 

I was so shocked to find that I was able to spray tan pretty well even the first time, there were no disasters at all.  The second time I felt a lot more confident and after a while it is actually really fun.  I loved how you could see instantly how people’s skin looks better tanned as soon as  the colour guide is on.  As we used a new product which Tantrick have recently come out with called a Rapid Tan the ladies were able to wash off the guide colour after 1 to 4 hours to achieve the desired deepness of tan that they required.


  This is after showering and having worn the rapid tan for only 3 hours


Alison kindly spray tanned me as well – which was very nice as I was starting to feel like a right pale freak at this point surrounded by the bronzed masses!  As you can see above the product that she used on me called Organics Illusion rapid tan is a lovely colour and doesn’t look fake at all. I really want to make this available to clients as I am very happy with it on pale and dry skin and I am one picky madam! It isn’t the cheapest tan obviously but I would much prefer to provide a quality product.  Also this is going to be great for people like my mum, who might not want to look the same colour as Chloe Mafia! If someone wants to look that the sort of glamour model colour then fair play to them, and I will of course offer that option but this will be great for the natural look lovers.

So all in all it’s been a brilliant day and I just need to wait for my certificate to come through so I can get insured and wait for my spray tan machine to arrive (hopefully in the next day or two) and then I can get spray tanning.  I was mega shocked to find I have already had a few people ask when I can spray them so I will be setting up a facebook page once I have decided on a name for my new tanning business. I definitely want to have some spray tanning parties and Alison suggested that I do parties where if the hostess gets 5 guests then her tan is done free – what a great incentive!

Also to come will be a review of the Gelish varnish which is a gel polish that lasts two weeks, similar to Jessica Geleration which I previously reviewed as I am going back to see Alison on Saturday for a manicure!

Have you ever had a spray tan?  Any ideas for my business name?  Would you rather be gently bronzed than like a sticky orange?

Let me know girlies!

ps. Due to technical difficulties I will be moving from this blog template to something different in the near future as this is just not working for me and I have had to delete a lot of my widgets and sidebar options that I really need. Apologies, but it’s not of my doing.