ZAP THAT CELLULITE! Korres Black Tea and Verbena Cream Gel

This bottle is my secret weapon. Last year I spend ages trying all the latest lotions, potions and things to rub and dry brush your legs and hips with to not much avail since the most expensive product was the winner by the clear mile, and I couldn’t afford another bottle of it!

This year my lovely friend Angie gifted me this after hearing my woes about my fat thighs. Now I realise I am no heffalump, but still, everyone’s allowed to moan about their body, we are women after all. The Korres Black Tea and Verbena Cream Gel is unsurprisingly a cream-gel consistency and looks sort of the colour of tea actually now I think of it.


Contains caffeine, black tea, verbena, chrysanthemum, white lotus, ivy, centella and ruscus extracts.

It is cooling but not freezing cold on the legs and I even use it on the back of my arms too to prevent any wobble bobbles. I think this stuff is absolutely fantastic. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have the nubile thighs of an Argentinian teenager, but they do look considerably less cellulitey which is my aim. And for the price I am surprised that it worked so well as with past cellulite experience the more the £££ the more it works.

In the clinical studies, 100% of woman who used the gel for a 2 month period reported a local fat reduction of 1.7cm and a decrease of the ‘orange peel’ appearance

This tube has lasted me 2 months of daily use and costs £28 from

I have ordered  a replacement as mine is nearly out. A shocking occurance from me since I very rarely repurchase ANYTHING. A must buy and I love this stuff. edited to add- help! I tried to check out my order and it said discontinued???? Help where can I buy one?

I will note that there are no pictures of my arse in this post, since someone commented on another post asking where the before and after pictures are. I work in an office that is rather conservative. I have a granddad who is over 80 and a mum who is easily shocked. I am not putting a picture of my arse on the blog for all to see!! So if you don’t want to take my word for it be my guest, it isn’t going to make me get my junk out of the trunk for you!

Sarah x