My Clinique Skincare Loves – Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Clinique Moisture Surge Intense are my absolute favourite Clinique skincare products.  I am sure I have waxed lyrical before about how ridiculous I find their three step skincare, how drying the products are and how the toner is more like dettol than something you should put on your face.  Well the moisture surge products are as far away from the three step skincare as I feel Clinique could go.  They are amazing although, and don’t give me any irritations.  I  will concede, they do contain petrolatum to some degree (same as Vaseline) so had I not tested them out, and just be going by the ingredients, I probably would have passed them up as I really do hate that ingredient as it is often something that does cause milia (so watch out if you are trying to avoid that) and there is a bit of an odd chemical smell with the moisture surge intense, although no irritation or problems…. I do actually wonder what that smell is from!!

I have dehydrated skin really rather than dry, which is why when I use thick oily moisturisers they do work, but often cause me to get milia (those tiny white bumps that are usually on the cheekbones or around the eye that are so difficult to get rid of).  I use the Moisture Surge Intense in place of a day or night cream/moisturiser every day and it is so moisturising but contains no oil.  It feels so nice on the skin like a cream/gel and is cooling and soothing.  After application it sinks in well and leaves the skin feeling very smooth which is great before putting on my makeup. I often hate products that are in jars, but I find it quite handy that the moisture surge intense is in a jar as I quite like slapping a lot on!  Just make sure your hands are clean before dipping into the jar.

The overnight mask is perfect for a few different reasons, firstly if you are using a clay mask or peel off mask to get rid of blackheads or spots you often are left with your entire face being really dry after using, I then tend to use a layer of this mask after any type of clay mask just to put the moisture back without putting oil back into the skin.  The second use is in the winter when the central heating is on a lot and the wind is bitterly cold, I slap on a thick layer of this once a week or just on any dry and flaky patches especially on my cheeks and around the nose and leave on overnight to soak in.  I have never got greasy or spotty from using this mask and you can just wash off the excess in the morning if there is any.  To get the best out of this mask I would definitely recommend exfoliating beforehand.

The moisture surge intense is £32 Clinique moisture surge intense

The moisture surge overnight mask is £29 Clinique moisture surge overnight mask

Overall these are my absolute favourite Clinique beauty products.  What are yours?