Teeth Whitening in London – Dr Wyman Chan at the London Smile Studio

Teeth Whitening in London

I wanted to show the closest up picture I could get of my teeth so you could see that there is not one stain on there since having my teeth whitened at the Smile Studio by Dr Wyman Chan.  I had my teeth re-whitened after 2 years and they are, as you can see, back to their blindingly white best.  My teeth are actually now the whitest on the chart according to Dr Chan so I didn’t necessarily need to have them whitened for them to look ‘white’ but they are perfect now.

I am not one of those people that necessarily loves the natural look, I don’t want to look extremely fake but I would rather have my teeth white-white than naturally white for example.  Dr Chan will, of course, tailor your teeth whitening to the look you are going for whether that be natural but clean or bling tastically white like Rylan’s veneers.

The Smile Studio in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue is central, easy to find and easy to get to at lunchtime from my office.  I am sure most ‘normal’ people’s consultations involve a normal chat about natural whiteness but me being me I just said as white as possible.  I just feel that white teeth look so clean and healthy and I haven’t ever had anything but compliments since having them done.

The process takes around an hour, you lay back onto the treatment bed and they give you a film to watch using some special glasses.  You relax as your gums are protected then the gel is painted onto the teeth, they then put the special light on to activate the gel.  The time goes by very quickly and once the time is up they remove the gel and you rinse your teeth off, you are then given your home maintenance kit which you use once a day for 40 minutes (20 minutes at a time, then a break) to maintain your tooth whiteness.  Instead of moulds you paint the gel directly onto your teeth and using the special instrument in the kit it holds your mouth open and the light is fitted onto the outside. You must ensure to do this to get the best result.

I absolutely love how white my teeth are and the kit can be used again in the future as you can just buy another syringe of whitening gel to use at home for a week or so to ‘top up’.

Dr Wyman Chan was the very first dentist to brig laser whitening to London and, since having my treatments done with him twice now, is the only person I recommend in London.  He lectures internationally and is the Clinical Associate Teacher at Warwick – he really is also a lovely and friendly man who is easy to talk to and is very understanding.

The treatment costs £395