Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Refresh – Lorena Oberg

Last July I had my eyebrows tattooed by Lorena who owns Derma Eraze  which you can read here My first eyebrow tattoo treatment and after a year it was time to have them redone so I have gone back to Lorena as, while she specializes in re-doing or correcting work that has been done incorrectly by other technicians as she finds it so rewarding, she does still do a lot of eyebrow tattoo treatments thankfully!

I can honestly say over the year that I have not regretted it one bit and in fact I love them more and more!  It makes makeup in the mornings so much quicker.  It also means that without any makeup I still look slightly ‘done’ and more together which is good for me if I am in the gym or when I have just woken up.  I also think this will be great when I am on holiday on the beach, as I will still look half decent in photos.  Without doing my eyebrows, since they are blond, I look a bit like an egg!

The procedure is exactly the same as before and Lorena did some thread vein treatment straight after my eyebrows were done so I will show the results of that in an upcoming blog post so you can see the before and after pictures.

Here I am with the numbing cream on waiting for it to get working prior to the tattooing.

Here I am just after the first treatment, I went back in a month for a touch up.

Here are the finished brows after the touch up

This top up treatment cost £175

You can see Lorena or one of her staff at Caterham or Harley Street, all the details are here: Eyebrow Tattooing