Enhance your Natural Skin Tone

Enhance your Natural Skin Tones with Skin Lightening Cream

From the age of 30 a number of women start to develop irregularities in skin tone and colour, often causing concern and distress about the effects upon appearance. These irregularities and brown spots are often pigmentation and can be caused by a number of problems, including age spots due to aging or exposure to the sun, hormone imbalances which are often caused during pregnancy, or inflammatory reactions following an acne spot. All these pigmentation problems are treatable and are due to excess melanin production which builds up on the surface of the epidermis.

Factors like aging skin, sun exposure and genetics which cause excess melanin production move into overdrive after the age of 30, disrupting the melanin production cycle and the way it is distributed to the skin.  

Any woman that is concerned about coloured spots or marks on the skin understands that the daily cosmetics routine can disguise pigmentation issues and give an appearance of flawless and unblemished facial skin, however, following a regular skin care routine with the correct treatment products will eventually combat this pigmentation problem and allow women to achieve the perfectly even skin tone desired.

Ultra Light Derma White Duo

Ultra Light Derma White Duo is one product that will combat, minimise and eventually remove dark spots and pigmentation from facial skin, when used correctly. This skin lightening cream is derived from marine and plant extracts and correct use of the product involves a two-step process. Firstly, it’s necessary to exfoliate skin gently with the skin polish using a circular massage motion. The ideal time to use the exfoliant is directly after showering when pores are open and the cleanser should be applied to dry skin. Following the recommended exfoliation time, the skin lightening cream needs to be massaged thoroughly into the skin. It’s then possible to apply regular daily moisturiser and sun block, when required. 

The pure marine and botanical ingredients within Ultra Light Derma White Duo work in synergy to combat skin pigmentation, giving instantaneous results which will accumulate over time to reduce pigmentation and lighten skin tone. Just some of the actives within the exfoliant include:

  • Wakame sea kelp, a marine derivative rich in B vitamins, calcium, potassium, sodium and iron, and known to inhibit enzymatic reactions causing the breakdown of hyaluronic acid
  • seaweed extract, renowned for its abilities to protect against UVA-induced collagen degradation
  • Co-enzyme Q10 which helps to reduce the aging of skin and formation of wrinkles by acting as a free radical scavenger to support cell metabolism
  • Diatomaceous earth, a mineral material created from fossilized remains of a variety of algae, which removes and extracts impurities from the skin

Some active ingredients contained within the skin lightening product include:

  • a luxurious blend of alpine herbs known to have skin brightening and lightening qualities, which will also reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brown spots
  • marine plant extract, studies have shown this to protect against collagen degradation and protect the skin against attack from free radicals
  • Squalane which is a plant extract that has phenomenal moisturising properties
  • almond oil, another excellent moisturising product

The Laser Treatment Clinic of Harley Street, London are experts in assessing pigmentation and age spot damage and recommending the best course of treatment for any woman, which will minimise and eventually remove signs of skin discolour, giving enhanced self confidence. Free consultations are available at the Clinic to provide professional and expert advice to any woman who is troubled by pigmentation and age spots and wants to source the best treatments.