Colgate MaxWhite One Optic Review

of the quickest ways to look better and younger is to have clean and white
teeth.  I have previously reviewed many
toothpastes that claim (or just aim) to remove stains from the surface of the
teeth to ensure a whiter and brighter look plus toothbrushes and whitening

has a new toothpaste out which can dramatically improve the look of your teeth
to make them look instantly whiter and is perfect for a last minute quick fix.  Think of it, if you will, as the tooth
equivalent of fake tan.

don’t have outlandish claims that it will remove all of the stains from your
teeth to give you a celebrity look and I find it refreshingly honest!  As seriously, we all know really that toothpaste
is never going to remove stains and whiten teeth like having your teeth
whitened professionally; much like a moisturiser is never going to be able to have
the same effects as a dermatologist or cosmetic surgery.


Colgate MaxWhite One Optic toothpaste works to make your teeth look instantly
whiter, while cleaning your teeth at the same time.  The toothpaste contains optic brighteners
which are tiny blue pigments; they form an invisible sheen on your teeth which
reflects blue light and make your teeth appear instantly whiter!

Obviously this
is more of a cosmetics product rather than a tooth whitening product but I
think it’s a fabulous idea for those that can’t afford tooth whitening and are
fed up of using ‘whitening’ toothpastes that really don’t remove stains much at
all.  Use before a night out when you know there are going to be photos taken and your teeth will look great!

Available In most chemists, supermarkets and Boots for around £4.49