Smack Lobster Deli

Smack Lobster Roll Deli

26-28 Binney Street (opposite Selfridges)




Burger and Lobster was a genius concept and a welcome change from the usual dining experience.  A fresh whole lobster or a burger, with fries and a salad, for just £20.00 in a hipster restaurant setting.  I was impressed by the location and the food was amazing.

Now the Goodman Restaurant Group have come up trumps again.  Getting even simpler by ditching the burgers and the formal booked restaurant setting, they have come up with a gem in the form of Smack Lobster.  There is no booking, food is sold from a takeaway counter and can either be consumed in the seat yourself area of the restaurant with informal tables and stools or just taken away. The prices are really reasonable, and the food fresh and delicious.

The simple wall menu shows a choice of four lobster rolls (The Mexican, Happy Ending, California and Seven Samurai) which are all served in a delicious brioche bun for just £9.00 each (or £7.50 to take away).  There are also sides of courgette fries and lobster chowder, You could also go for the option of a 1 pound lobster for just £12.00.

My lovely friend Jenny and I made our order at the till, we went for the Californian, Seven Samurai, Courgette Fries and a Lobster Chowder to share.  You are given cups to use for your refillable soft drinks although there are alcoholic drinks (vats of wine and an ice bath full of beer bottles) and tea available and a buzzer that will vibrate such as the ones at Shake Shake, when your food is ready to pick up from the counter.  

We made our way, drinks and buzzer in hand, to the seating area.  If you eat-in I recommend the seating area downstairs as there is a bar and a more cosy vibe.  The tables and stools reminded me of science class!  There are also hooks under the table for your handbags and shopping, a must-have to me if you have to sit high up and have an expensive handbag.

The vibe of the restaurant is very much that the onus is on the food, it’s very sleek, minimal, relaxed and casual, downstairs they have pictures of mermaids with lobster tails projected onto the walls, which looks really cool.

The food itself was brilliant.  We shared the Lobster Chowder to start and there was a lot of lobster in there and was rich, flavourful and just delicious, and I don’t even like soup much.  The Seven Samurai was amazing, along with the generous portion of lobster there is a Japanese salad with a light mayonnaise and the refreshing filling contrasted well with the rich toasted brioche bun.  Mmm brioche.

The courgette fries, oh the courgette fries! My boyfriend laughs at me because I love courgette so much, and I suppose it is a bit of a random food favourite! I can’t help it though, courgette rocks my world!  These courgette fries, dusted in panko breadcrumbs and parmesan, I could eat these as a meal alone, they are amazing. And surely healthier for you than normal chips? Right? Let’s pretend they are anyway…it’s a vegetable so it must be!

I really recommend going here, we had a great time, the food is reasonably priced and delicious, it’s central and a great casual vibe. No complaints at all!