Mayfair Spa Moroccan Cleansing Ritual

Wahanda kindly offered me a voucher to book a spa treatment of my choice to review, work has been super stressful and I was in all over Christmas, I did have a couple of days off but had 3+ hours driving every day to get to the different people I had to visit, so I was in serious need of relaxation.

I have used Wahanda before and using their website is very simple.  You can search for treatments or specific locations and I chose the Mayfair hotel spa as I love the hotel, it is very beautiful.  I used to work in Berkeley square which is just nearby and I have been to the bar and to events at the hotel a few times before.  Because of this  I thought the treatment was very likely to be good quality. To find a treatment for one, let alone two people for £79 in central London was very good value. I chose the Moroccan Cleansing Ritual which includes use of the spa facilities as well as the treatment and the pictures online and description of the treatment sounded exactly what was needed.

Once you have purchased the voucher from Wahanda you have to contact the hotel directly to book the treatment, I did this by email which the spa didn’t seem to like particularly, but if you work in an open-plan office you will understand that it’s impossible to make personal calls as everyone knows your business, I finally got a couple of dates to choose from, and booked the treatment in for 8th January.  

Waterfall Wall – Mayfair Spa

The Mayfair Spa Facilities

The Mayfair Spa is located on floor -1 of the Mayfair hotel and is a smart and modern spa which is up to date and decorated in dark tones and marble with an Asian theme throughout.  There are waterfall walls along two of the corridors and a lovely relaxation room with heated stone loungers to lie on and relax.  

The changing rooms were great with plenty of room, lockers which were easy to use and all the shower and body products you could need, along with hairdryers and hair straighteners. 

Overall I really enjoyed the spa facilities, the staff were lovely and friendly and the towels and entire place were spotlessly clean, perhaps I have been to so many spa’s I am a bit spoiled, but with that in mind here are my comments.  

There is no pool, which is fair enough, but also no jacuzzi.  I think it should have at least one or the other.   The relaxation room could have benefited from coasters on the glass side tables, as the noise from the classes and cups clattering on the glass side tables made it very loud, which isn’t entirely relaxing! These are very picky comments though, and I am just trying to make note as while some people will be less bothered about these things that read this review, others will be even pickier than me!

The Moroccan Cleansing Ritual

The ritual was a lot of fun, I opted for the Moroccan cleansing ritual as it’s a bit different and I’d never had one before.  You are taken into a private room which has an area to put on the mud, a shower and your private steam room.  You are given a tray each with the mud and salt that you will use.  There is a mud for your face and hair and a mud for the rest of your body.  Once you have rubbed these in you rub the salt on the top for exfoliation.  I liked that you are showed what to do but then left to complete it yourself as it does make it more private and relaxing.  I didn’t feel as self conscious covered in mud with no glasses stumbling around than I might have done with the therapist in the room!

We took our trays into the steam room and started to apply them, you do need another person there to help you do your back or in my case most of me as without my glasses I had no idea what was going on!

Once you have applied the mud and salt you just sit in the steam room and relax for half an hour, you can use the cold water hose if you get too hot, and then after half an hour the showers come on over the benches you are sitting on, to wash off all the mud.  Once the shower is finished you can leave the room and wash off any extra mud remaining in the other shower in the private room.

After showering you apply the oil provided, it’s very light and has a lovely light scent.  You are left with super soft hair and skin and feeling toasty warm and relaxed.  We went back into the relaxation room for a lie down to complete the treatment and I almost fell asleep!  I certainly slept well that night too.

You are advised not to use shower gel or similar products for 24 hours to let the mud continue to work.  I found this link here on the benefits of dead sea mud when I was researching the treatment What are the benefits?

Overall I loved the treatment, it was great to do it with someone else and was a very relaxing time and pretty funny slapping mud on each other.  This would be great with your partner or a close friend, or even your mum.  I definitely recommend this treatment and the spa overall and would give it a 9 out of 10.

The May Fair Spa – 020 7915 2826

Closest tube is Green Park Station

Wahanda discounted rate for Mayfair Moroccan Cleansing Ritual

Ps – the Spa treatment provided was free for review, I was not paid and there are no paid-for links in this post.