CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Review

Today’s post is a review of the new CND Vinylux system.  Vinylux is a new long wear nail varnish product from CND that is supposed to give you 7-day chip free wear with a 2 step system.

All you do is apply your coloured polish, and then Weekly Top Coat over the top.  The Weekly Top Coat uses “Pro-Light Technology” which creates increased durability and resistance to chips with exposure to natural light. This basically means that the polish contains photoinitiators.   A photoinitiator is a light-sensitive ingredient which absorbs UV light and converts it into the energy it needs to drive the polymerisation process (which is the drying of the polish), so it uses light to dry the polish rather than just air.  CND Vinylux comes in 62 colours I believe, over 40 of which match Shellac colours.

 I was excited to try these as I love Shellac but if there is a similar product that takes less time to apply and remove, I would be very happy.

I followed the instructions on Vinylux to the letter; no basecoat is needed as Vinylux has adhesion promoters in the nail colour coat making the colour self-adhering without a basecoat, so using the basecoat would actually hinder application.  As soon as I started applying the colour coat I noticed the problem with not using a basecoat is the colour coat tends to sink into any imperfection in your nail or any ridges. So I removed the nail I had painted, buffed my nails with a shiny nail buffer to try and smooth them out and started again, I hope this tip helps if you have the same problem. I used the colour Romantique.

You can apply Vinylux over a gel or acrylic nail as well as on natural nails.   You apply two thin coats of colour and one thin coat of topcoat, capping the ends of your nails each time.


My Experience of Vinylux as a 7 Day Nail Polish

The application was fairly quick; it does have a tendency to go a bit streaky when you are trying to apply a thin coat.  The two coats and topcoat dried within 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, I had 1 chip by the 2nd day and after 4 days most nails were chipped and the tips were worn. I removed it because I just couldn’t stand having chipped nails, as mine are usually pristine with Shellac I have got used to the perfectness of them.

Overall I am a bit on the fence about the Vinylux polishes.  I preferred the formulation to other long wear light curing polishes I have tried and while the topcoat doesn’t give you shine to rival Shellac or gel polish it is certainly shinier than the regular topcoat. Unfortunately the fact it doesn’t self-level so doesn’t fill in nail imperfections and also chipped fairly quickly on me, means that I don’t personally think it’s that great and found the product a bit disappointing as I expected more from it.  On the plus side, despite the lack of base coat, there was no staining and there is no damage to the nail upon removal, which is easily done with nail varnish remover containing acetone.

On the other hand, using the polishes to match with Shellac as a touch up is a great idea, I’ve wanted matching polish for my Shellac for ages, as it is great to have matching nails and toes, but removing Shellac from your own toes is such a faff. so this way you can have matching toes without the lengthy removal process, which is great.

I think that this is a product
that regular nail varnish wearers might switch to it, but I don’t think you’ll
see people moving from Shellac or any other gel polish for Vinylux.

Please note that just like all products, everyone has different needs and requirements and different nails so I am sure there will be plenty of people who have no issues with chipping or wear, so just because it didn’t work so well for me, it might work well for you.

CND Vinylux can be found at salons that use CND products, Sweetsquared, or online on Amazon, Ebay or Blow Limited for £9.95