New Hair Product Obsessions – Show Beauty

New Hair Product Obsessions – Show Beauty

New Hair Product Obsessions – Show Beauty


New Hair Product Obsessions – Show Beauty

I have a life crush on the celebrity Tamara Ecclestone.   I wanted to try her hair-care range as I figured she must have tried so many other brands and be so particular herself.  So surely she would create a brilliant range.

Pure Treatment Oil

I’ll start with my favourite item from the range which is the Pure Treatment Oil. This product works to restore shine and silky soft texture to your hair. Boasting an anti-oxidant and nutrient rich formula, this oil will leave your hair fibre renewed and strengthened.

Now after using a dab on the ends of my hair straight after it arrived in the post I thought DAMN!  This is an awesome hair oil. It feels very light but deeply nourishing as it tames frizz, flyaways, and dry crispy hair instantly.  All without making your hair feel greasy. I’ve been applying it before blow drying and then every day I don’t wash my hair I use a bit more on any dry bits.

It leaves my hair bouncy but completely frizz free and absolutely silky and soft. This is the most expensive hair oil I have used but by a long shot, it’s the best. I don’t mind paying more money for things if they work much better than cheaper products and this absolutely does. The oil seems to completely absorb into the hair leaving super soft and touchable. All of the products are scented with a beautiful fragrance developed by French perfume house Givaudan (who also created the fragrance for Dove’s new Soft Feel Deodorant Range). I personally love the scent, it’s classy and feminine but not overpowering.

The only marginal issue I have detected is the dropper dispenser can get a bit messy when the bottle is really full/brand new. It’s got a gorgeous look of a perfume bottle, however when you pop off the top there is a dropper to dispense the product which can be quite fiddly so I would prefer either a pump top or a slightly wider neck bottle and for £50.00 I feel like that if they took that suggestion on board and changed the packaging it would really make it worth the money. Nobody wants to waste product if they have spent a lot of cash on it.

Show Beauty’s Divine Thickening Lotion is £40.00

It’s great to use before blow drying and is very moisturising and nourishing whilst giving hair extra thickness. I suggest it would be better for dry hair as if your hair is oily or greasy, this might be too nourishing for you.  You would be better to stick to the volumising mousse as this is a product you apply to the lengths of your hair, not the roots. As my hair is a mixture of my own and hair extensions I need volume at both the roots and the lengths so if I am really making an effort with my hair I spritz the top/roots with the volumising mousse and comb through.  Then  smooth some of the thickening lotion through the mid-lengths as well before blow drying.

I realise, however, that this might be too much effort (and too much money) for some people and that’s fair enough. I think out of the three products that I have this is my least favourite, although I mean that in I would give it a 4/5 rather than a 5 which I would give the other two products.

Show Beauty Lux Volume Mousse, £30.00

The most expensive hair mousse I have ever used, and again the only one that appears to actually give visible volume.  There’s no residue in your hair and it doesn’t feel sticky or clumpy. You may be sensing a trend here (I know I am) but these products are so good.

I can understand why they cost more as they give the best results I have seen.  This indicates that they are using pricey ingredients/technology to create them. I don’t think I could be without this product again!

My favourite thing about this mousse is the spray.  Much easier to spray it directly onto your hair so a small, even amount out of the can at a time.  This is such a bonus for me as you can accurately distribute the perfect amount onto your hair.  You don’t have to get your hands covered in product or waste any.

Overall I genuinely love these hair products and am very impressed. My hair looks much better for using them and I would repurchase the mousse and hair oil.  I would recommend these for people who usually use high-end hair products.

You can purchase the range from Selfridges, Sephora, the Show Beauty website or Lookfantastic. Sometimes products are cheaper on Lookfantastic so I would try there first.