Hairapeutix #BetterHairinaWeek Challenge

Hairapeutix #BetterHairinaWeek Challenge

Hairapeutix #BetterHairInAWeek Challenge

Being on the January gym grind has been great for my body, less so for my barnet.  My hair was looking greasy and sweaty at the roots and dry as heck at the ends.  Let’s not even talk about how sketchy my extensions were looking. I really wanted to give them a boost so I agreed to do the #betterhairinaweek challenge with Hairapeutix.

What is Hairapeutix

Hairapeutix is a revolutionary pre-shampoo treatment made with a signature blend of natural oils and organic ingredients, designed to revitalize, condition and restore tired hair and extensions.

The nourishing treatment is designed to be used BEFORE washing your hair, which encourages the absorption of the unique treatment for long lasting, effective results. The pre-shampoo treatment is made with natural ingredients and is free from silicones, parabens and chemical nasties.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Hairapeutix Mini- £5.99 (2 hair masks)
  • Hairapeutix Ultra- £18.99  (8 hair masks)

How To Use Hairapeutix Better Hair In A Week Kit

  • Either warm the sachet in your hands for a few seconds to fully liquefy the contents or pop in a mug of warm water (not boiling)!
  • Apply liberally to mid-lengths and ends of hair
  • Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes- but for best results leave the product in overnight and wash out in the morning. I recommend wearing a scarf of shower cap so you don’t stain anything you touch.
  • Simply shampoo it out and condition as normal, then style or dry your hair as normal.

My Before and After Results

Hairapeutix #BetterHairinaWeek Challenge


Initial Thoughts On Hairapeutix

While the sachet looks small it contains plenty of product, more than enough to cover my hair and 14-inch human hair extensions.  It smells gorgeous, a bit like a Bakewell tart with a tiny hint of coconut. It was really easy to smooth through the lengths and ends of my hair.

I popped on a shower cap so I didn’t stain my sofa and chilled out for the evening with it on, leaving it on my hair for about 4 hours before shampooing and conditioning my hair. It reminds me of a modern version of those warm oil sachets I used to see my mum using! My instant thoughts were that my hair felt so smooth when I was shampooing, it’s normally quite tangly until I condition in.

After 2 Uses – Thoughts on Hairapeutix

Once my hair was dry and styled I definitely saw a difference in the shine and smoothness of my hair.  I am really impressed with this product and the price point. If you purchase the large box of 8 sachets it works out just over £1 per weekly treatment. Much cheaper than a conditioning sachet you can get on the high street for 1 use.

I love what this has done for my extensions and my own highlighted hair. Would I recommend it to anyone with dry damaged hair or hair extensions that are heat/sun/chlorine damaged and need reviving? Absolutely. Since using these two sachets I have already repurchased 2 more. You can use it every other week so one box a month is great value.

#BetterHairinaWeek worked for me! 

To find out more information about Hairapeutix visit quite a few girls on Instagram have a 10% off code, so check on there before purchasing to save some cash xx

Have you ever tried a pre-shampoo treatment?

What products do you love to use when your hair looks dry?